My First Real Job in America

It has been four days since I have been going to work! This is my first real job in America, I mean a job that requires me to interact with people of different ethnicity, ages and interests. Now I know how it feels like to work with a boss and co-workers that you need to get along with in order to achieve one goal, feed the patients.

I work in a kitchen hospital that is only 20 minutes drive away from home. My position is a hostess and I will never forget this very first¬†( well, not really my first because I worked as a caregiver to a 102-year old client, I have been blogging for 9 years and earned pretty good amount of money with it and other freelance online works)¬†job I got. It is a big milestone for me you know, finally, after ten years of being a stay-at-home mom, I now have the responsibility to get up early to attend my children’s needs before sending them to school and getting myself ready for work in a few hours.

My job includes expediting orders (putting the items in the tray from the order ticket), transporting food trays to patients, tray retrieval, sanitizing carts, maintaining kitchen area cleanliness, ensure condiments and other stuff are pretty well stocked and a whole lot more.

This is my first choice of job and thankfully, I got hired. Thanks to a Filipino friend who advised me to apply in this certain hospital for they are new and had urgent hiring to work for them. I am more thankful than ever for this opportunity to work a job that I wish to do.

Anyhow, here’s my everyday look at work. Hair all tied up, white long sleeves and a black vest, black pants and black shoes. I love the idea that I have a place to go everyday now, weewww!

 photo thr_zpspvpxnymy.jpg

A mixer

For those who do not know, what is a mixer? A mixer is a device that combines audio signals, processes them, then routes them to wherever they need to go. To help you decide which one you need or like, please visit this helpful link provided in this post to give you an insight and idea which one best suit to your need and a whole lot more information about mixers and other stuff.

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Myself Then and Now

I am glad I brought some old pictures with me when I moved here in America so I can compare how I looked then and now. First photo below was a studio shot of me in the Philippines when I was only 17 years old, weighing just 86 pounds. The main purpose of this photo was to send out to different pen pal agencies along with my biography in the hopes of finding friends and possibly a husband to correspond with overseas.

 photo 17_zpsolftagri.jpg

Fast forward 16 years later, 2016. I am now 33. Living in America, have my own family, happier and has fewer worries in life. I gained 13 pounds since then, after having two kids and being married for almost 12 years! I can say, I am much wiser now, very different and have learned a lot about life.

If I compare myself then and now, I have changed tremendously by the way I view life, friendship, family and politics-wise. Yet, I am still the same person since I was born, conservative!

 photo 33_zpsxawljdex.jpg

What the girl loves to do

A woodwind instrument is pretty. It is even prettier if one of my girls will get interested to learn how to play it, someday. I know someone who’s child started with a flute and now leveling up to a bigger and more complicated type of instrument. I will not be surprised if this girl will be playing woodwind instrument professionally since it is what she loves to do.

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It’s My Time to Find a Job

The time has come, it is now my time to find a job and experience how it is to mingle and try to get along with other people in a work setting outside our home. I have been applying jobs online an in person, I’ve had one interview so far and a few invitations to the establishments I applied for but these invitations I got cold feet at the last minute so I did not go.

I have been waiting for this time to come, a decade to be exact that this day I will be proven that I am capable of finding a job I like just like everybody else. I will find one hopefully, the right job that my heart tells me to do.

My husband retired just a little over a month ago which I am glad, no more worries of his life at risk for he is now staying at home 24/7. I am anxious to get my first real job in the USA. Yes, I have been here for over ten years yet hasn’t experienced working outside. Well, except for that taking care of an elderly neighbor and actually being paid for my service.

What differs this time from my previous caregiving job is that, I have co-workers to get along with, report and drive at a workplace on time that requires driving and most of all, a boss that I need to impress. Hopefully I can get this job that I really want to do. Cross fingers with that.

Slash Guitars

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Road Trip to Houston

August 27, 2016 was a fun day for me and my friends. One of the Filipinas I hang out with in our area invited me and other ladies to have a road trip to Houston for a treat. Fiilipinos love Jollibee and the only Jollibee we have in Texas is in Houston.

We have made four stops while in Houston. The first stop was in Houston National Forest, there we found tall Pine trees and purple berries that I have never seen in Texas before. Second stop was Jollibee/Red Ribbon/Manila Mini Mart/Pugon de Manila. The highlight of the trip is to dine in at Jollibee, added bonus are the three other stores that are located in the same premises as Jollibee, so convenient for us.

The third stop was at Kemah Boardwalk. It is at least an hour away from Jolllibee but we had a driver whose feet can’t stay in one place. And advantage for all of us, not only we had a free ride/driver, we also got to feel the ocean breeze while at Kemah and exercised as well. It was one hot humid day but we didn’t mind it at all, we had too much fun to complain.

On our way back to Fort Worth, we stopped by Sam Houston visiting center where we saw and taken pictures of Sam Houston’s gigantic statue. “Sam Houston was an American politician and soldier, best known for his role in bringing Texas into the United States as a constituent state. His victory at the Battle of San Jacinto secured the independence of Texas from Mexico in one of the shortest decisive battles in modern history.”

It was exactly what I needed, to have fun, breathe some fresh air, hangout with people who laugh a lot, talk endlessly in our native language. If you have too much staycation in the house, all you could wish for is to get out for a day or two and that what happened last Saturday. I loved our trip and couldn’t ask for a better company these ladies in photos below.

Behind us is the main reason why we did not mind driving for 4 hours, because it is a treat!

 photo 14079847_10208219999396056_7509011223019637156_n_zpsa4ux1hss.jpg

 photo samhouston_zpsl80picy6.jpg

 photo houston2_zpslsqkkeka.jpg

Strong Physically

I exercise when I find the time, no excuse! Even though sometimes, my mind wants to sweat and my body refuses to do it, I exercise anyway. This is for my own good. I may not have a curvy or sexy body but I have a body I can be proud of because I am healthy. I am naturally skinny so I am not so focused on losing more weight except a pound or two, maybe? My midsection is my only problem for it is where all my fats are stored and you know, it is a part of the body that’s the hardest to melt and tone.

I rarely get sick and most of all, I feel good inside out! I don’t long to be sexy or have six-pack abs. I workout because it feels good to sweat and to get that toxins out of my system.

I workout because I want to be strong physically and boost my self-esteem and self-confidence. These are things that can only be achieved by working out although sufficient love for ourselves enhance self-esteem too. But I prefer the former.

I currently weigh 99.2 or a few ounces more in the evening which is not quite close to my goal weight but heck, I learned to realize that a number in the scale is just a number, what matters to me is that I keep doing what I am doing in order to maintain a healthy body.

Quite frankly, I can call myself lucky because I have three big exercise equipment at home that I can use, a stationery bike, an elliptical and a treadmill. Not forgetting to mention an exercise bench too with 5, 8 and 10 weight dumbbells. Those are enough to do my home workout instead of paying a gym membership.

If I feel bored and want to breathe some fresh air, I walk around the neighborhood for an hour with our dog. You see, there are plenty of ways in order to sweat. If there is no heavy equipment available, there are plenty of workout ideas on Pinterest and Youtube using your body weight that you can follow.

I do cardio for an hour each time and some arms, legs and floor exercises that total 2 hours of workout. If I can do it, you can do it too. No excuse!

…. one of the exercises I do is the weighted bridge kicks. Good for the glutes, back and butt…
 photo workout_zpsdenm7qyq.jpg
… my arms are especially I can be proud to show off because of some toned muscles there. I don’t have bulky biceps but they are not sagging, that’s for sure! As for the abdomen, let’s talk about it when I am making progress in that area of my body. photo dakuglawas_zps0oe4atv1.jpg

Have been doing the elliptical and butt exercises which built me a small booty now. If I stop, booty will go back to being flat again…
 photo P1014192_zpsovsgqyqt.jpg

Metro PCS Phones on Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written by me 100%.

Two more sleeps and it will be back to school here in our place. Both of our children are now ready as well as the school supplies list are all waiting to be brought to school. Buying all those supplies surely cost us some money, gladly though that I am a wise shopper and took my time looking for cheap prices on each of the supply. Anyway, for those who have not finished completing the school supply list, you still have time to do it before the opening of class.

Children these days are expensive. Not only we, parents need to spend money on uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, some parents also need to spend on each big kid’s cell phones. And you know cell phones can be quite pricey too especially if they choose branded products. Not only that, the phone service can cost a lot of money depending on the plans you’re getting for them.

When it comes to buying new phones, I can recommend looking for prices and or phone models that you can very well afford on Groupon Goods. Yeah, on Groupon, you can find almost anything you need for your life to be comfortable and convenient. When you find that very phone for your kid/s, you may also want to compare rates and plans whether you want pre-paid or subscribe to big companies with contract.

 photo groupon_zpsuoxvyw8n.png

Sunny, the Big Black Dog

This is a late post. I should have done this the day following Sunny’s arrival. I would like to introduce to you all the new member of our family, Sunny. She is 8 months old (when she arrived, we don’t know when’s her birthday). She is husky/blue heeler mix.

She is a big dog, something that we are not used to. For 8 years, we only have one dog and she is so tiny, a 1/2 chichuahua/ 1/4 dachshund and 1/4 pekingese breed named Chicha.

Sunny, is so dark in color, gigantic in size but friendly, playful, energetic, fun and sweet girl. She only pooped and peed once in the house since she arrived almost two weeks ago. Oh, I should not forget the date she came here, July 27,2016.

Her staying with was unexpected. Her owner brought her in our house so we can see her and know if the dog will get along with our chihuahua. But, we thought Sunny was pretty, she obeys basic commands and about to be potty trained. My husband gave me two options, accept Sunny and let her stay or we set another appointment to see Sunny at her owner’s house someday with our dog. I chose the former and so the owner did not hesitate to hand me the leash and left the dog with us.

There has been lots of barking and an almost-fight incidents in this house since Sunny arrived but things are going pretty well. Our little dog I can see is jealous of her because she now has a rival when it comes to petting and affection from her human family.

Sunny became comfortable with me right away and became mommy’s girl since then. She cries when I am out of her sight and follows me around the house. I must admit, Sunny is so playful and we love it from her. Although we are still adjusting of her size and presence, she is literally a good dog. A great addition to our family and Jadyn loves her already.

…. this is Sunny’s first picture the day of her arrival, July 27,2016..
 photo first day_zpsvdupva2u.jpg

…this is her now, August 8,2016. Just three days away since her arrival…
 photo sunny headshot_zps624ymhxf.jpg