Fruit of My Labor

We truly never know the value of money unless we work hard to make it. Although I am making a bit of $ online, it is way different when you go out there working for a company that requires your 8-hour energy to do the job and being constantly bossed at.

Anyway, I rewarded myself for working endlessly these past two months. I deserve it and it will serve as a remembrance working in a food service industry. I paid it in full and I am proud using this phone knowing that this is from the fruit of my hard labor, two weeks worth of my paycheck!

With this phone, I know that I appreciate/enjoy it and that I will take care of it to last for years. I know I can easily ask my husband to buy me this, but I wanted to prove to myself that when I like something big, I can buy it from my own sweat now that I have a job.

This is what I want for Christmas and the Victoria’s Secret XO perfume that I waited for so long to come down in price, got it for half off original price, so I am good not wishing for more other than for my family to be together and in good health always!

 photo PC044535_zps2l8mafhe.jpg

 photo iphone_zpsckbnflff.jpg

 photo iphone1_zps8qzt2uud.jpg

Ukelele Natural

There is nothing more beautiful than this cute lani kai ukelele natural. We do have two ukeleles but they are painted with our girls’ favorite color, pink and purple. They look nice but a natural-looking ukelele is the best, well, at least for me. Try to peek this ukelele I am talking about by simply clicking on the link. You would know that it’s gorgeous once you see it in the picture.It’s got a 4.5 star reviews, meaning it is that good!

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Dear Paloma Sanborn

You were only three when your father last saw you, you are 20 or 21 now. I hope you know that you were once a daddy’s girl. You loved her, he loves you. He was your favorite person, as you can see how you wrapped your daddy’s neck with your arms.

To him, you were his world but that changed when you left for Spain. Imagine how painful that was to the father  who adored and love you very much. Years have passed he hasn’t heard anything nor seen your pictures yet when he found you on Facebook, you seemed aloof. The longing of a father’s love from his daughter is infinite. He hopes that one day, you’ll come to her and utter the word, “dad” to him. It will be a big miracle in his life when that happens. Just know, he is waiting… waiting for you in Fort Worth, Texas.

 photo paloma sanborn_zpsh2pi4n3y.jpg

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I Exercised My Right, I Voted

I am a naturalized US citizen, therefore, I can vote and I have equal rights with people who were born here in the United States. One of my rights is to vote for a president whom I think is a great fit that truly and sincerely has good intentions for this great country.

October 29th I voted for someone who I think is “right”, who shares the same belief as me, a candidate who thinks of the American people should come first and is not a criminal. It is my second time to vote for the United States President and I am proud I am able to do it. God Bless the USA this coming election and that there is no fraud going to happen so that all votes will go to a candidate who deserves to win to make America great again!

 photo vote_zpsqusgfxtm.jpg

For All Your Industrial and Commercial Lighting Needs

Are you looking for a good online store for a unique, many to choose from lighting for your restaurant or commercial building? I would like you to try visiting and see what you can find on their store. They are your one stop shop for all your industrial and commercial lighting needs at wholesale prices. If you order over $2000, they will ship your items for free, continental US only. So what do you waiting for? Start browsing now and find those lights that suit your business.

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Was Given a Second Chance and Got My Job Back

I consider myself lucky because I was given a second chance at work and got re-hired. Not all employers will take you back after you suddenly quit without two weeks notice but my bosses are awesome! I am thankful more than ever and will treasure my job, that I promise to myself.

They say, don’t make a decision when you are upset or when emotion is high or you’re gonna end up regretting it. That’s what happened to me three days after I sent my resignation letter electronically. My co-workers told me that I am lucky because I got hired directly by the employer while some of them went to an agency, they have 90 days probation and it’s up to the director whether to hire them or not. So, that alone, I almost wasted that opportunity and did not realize how fortunate I am.

Meanwhile, I love going to work these days now even though the physical demands are high. I come home end of the day fatigued and exhausted but it’s alright. I am doing something worthwhile at the hospital, got to interact with people of different ages and different walks of life. And most of all, I am earning some money while being away from home.

My job is something I look forward to go to everyday because I have co-workers who listen to my stories and laugh at my silly jokes. My job keeps me busy and keeps my mind occupied for the whole entire 9 hours or more I am there. Plus the fact that I am getting my exercise while working. 98.8 maintained weight nowadays and I don’t even have to restrict myself from eating so much. I need to eat a lot as many times a day as I can to replenish the lost calories.

My First Real Job in America

It has been four days since I have been going to work! This is my first real job in America, I mean a job that requires me to interact with people of different ethnicity, ages and interests. Now I know how it feels like to work with a boss and co-workers that you need to get along with in order to achieve one goal, feed the patients.

I work in a kitchen hospital that is only 20 minutes drive away from home. My position is a hostess and I will never forget this very first ( well, not really my first because I worked as a caregiver to a 102-year old client, I have been blogging for 9 years and earned pretty good amount of money with it and other freelance online works) job I got. It is a big milestone for me you know, finally, after ten years of being a stay-at-home mom, I now have the responsibility to get up early to attend my children’s needs before sending them to school and getting myself ready for work in a few hours.

My job includes expediting orders (putting the items in the tray from the order ticket), transporting food trays to patients, tray retrieval, sanitizing carts, maintaining kitchen area cleanliness, ensure condiments and other stuff are pretty well stocked and a whole lot more.

This is my first choice of job and thankfully, I got hired. Thanks to a Filipino friend who advised me to apply in this certain hospital for they are new and had urgent hiring to work for them. I am more thankful than ever for this opportunity to work a job that I wish to do.

Anyhow, here’s my everyday look at work. Hair all tied up, white long sleeves and a black vest, black pants and black shoes. I love the idea that I have a place to go everyday now, weewww!

 photo thr_zpspvpxnymy.jpg

A mixer

For those who do not know, what is a mixer? A mixer is a device that combines audio signals, processes them, then routes them to wherever they need to go. To help you decide which one you need or like, please visit this helpful link provided in this post to give you an insight and idea which one best suit to your need and a whole lot more information about mixers and other stuff.

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Myself Then and Now

I am glad I brought some old pictures with me when I moved here in America so I can compare how I looked then and now. First photo below was a studio shot of me in the Philippines when I was only 17 years old, weighing just 86 pounds. The main purpose of this photo was to send out to different pen pal agencies along with my biography in the hopes of finding friends and possibly a husband to correspond with overseas.

 photo 17_zpsolftagri.jpg

Fast forward 16 years later, 2016. I am now 33. Living in America, have my own family, happier and has fewer worries in life. I gained 13 pounds since then, after having two kids and being married for almost 12 years! I can say, I am much wiser now, very different and have learned a lot about life.

If I compare myself then and now, I have changed tremendously by the way I view life, friendship, family and politics-wise. Yet, I am still the same person since I was born, conservative!

 photo 33_zpsxawljdex.jpg

What the girl loves to do

A woodwind instrument is pretty. It is even prettier if one of my girls will get interested to learn how to play it, someday. I know someone who’s child started with a flute and now leveling up to a bigger and more complicated type of instrument. I will not be surprised if this girl will be playing woodwind instrument professionally since it is what she loves to do.

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