Fresh Cut Flowers from My Garden

One of my stress relievers is gardening, whether it be vegetable or flowers! I do both every year. I start sowing vegetable seeds in late March and then by mid Summer, I start harvesting whatever I have planted. Meanwhile, in the front yard, I have two big flower beds that are oozing with different colors and varieties of flower blooms every Spring.

I started these beds six years ago when we first moved in this house. My dream back then, when we have our own house that has a yard large enough for a garden, I’d love to have my own flower garden. Dream came true as I now have two large round flower beds. Each year, I would plant perennial bulbs in the Fall and other varieties when there is a sale for plants at home improvement stores until I filled up the two beds. I did not buy anything this year yet I am getting blooms.

I have done such a great job stabilizing my gardens and truly filled it with colorful flowers year after year. There is something with flowers that fill my soul with calmness and joy every time I go out to the front yard and see them especially in the morning when I need some fresh air and something to cheer me up. My flowers are like my babies smiling back at me, waving at me and saying, “mommy, here we are!”.

Sometimes my girls hear me talk to my plants and they find it weird, they’d ask me why I am talking to my flowers? ‘Coz, I am connecting with them and they say, plants love being talked at. The more you talk to them, the more they give you produce/flowers back.

See photo below? You would think they are store bought, right? But no, as pretty as they are, I am proud to say that I cut them yesterday from my very own garden. They just look so beautiful and the big hybrid tea rose smells sweet.

The base of flowers is now sitting in our bathroom and each time I go there, I feel happy seeing my flowers so beautiful.

 photo buwak_zpsmcd64xh5.jpg

Buy Used Guitar

A practical person or shopper does not always go buy new stuff. There are used stuff that are like new we can find anywhere else. Whether it be clothing, shoes, jewelry, guns, household stuff, children’s uniforms, toy and most of all, musical instruments. There are plenty of online stores that you can search for a really good “like new” condition musical instruments and accessories. One of the websites I can recommend and buy a used guitar is on this link, You will know that not only you can save some money, but also what you are getting is the best.

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Late Upload Mother’s Day Celebration

When there is an occasion, we try to celebrate it simply and exclusively for our family. On Mother’s Day, as a tradition in our household, my husband took us out to a 45-minute drive away from home for dinner and for the children to enjoy bungee jump at the mall.

Rain Forest Cafe in Grapevine Mills Mall was the destination where I had my seafood combo, salmon and rice for the husband and chicken/shrimp nuggets for the girls. We do not require grand celebration in our household as long as the husband remembers me on days that pertain to appreciating the hard work I do for our family, that’s what matters to me. And I am happy with it.

What’s important is, we got to go out, everybody had fun and we bonded together as a whole family.

 photo md_zpseo3r6al3.jpg
 photo md1_zpst7d70ec1.jpg

How to Resize Photos Easily with Movavi Photo Batch

When was the last time you needed to resize photos? For anyone who deals with photos on a regular basis, resizing photos is a task that need to be carried out fairly regularly and while there are quite a number of ways to resize a photo it can quickly become a tedious and time consuming process.

The problem with resizing photos is that simply blowing them up or shrinking them to a certain set of dimensions often doesn’t work out the way you intended. Doing so carries the risk of affecting the aspect ratio of the photo – which could cause it to appear stretched or squashed.

On the other hand manually resizing photos (especially in bulk) while preserving the aspect ratio can often take a long time. That is where software like Movavi Photo Batch will prove to be extremely useful in simplifying the process and making it easier and faster.

Selecting the Best Way to Resize Photos

Part of the reason why Movavi Photo Batch will make it easier to resize your photos is the fact that it offers three different ways in which you can do so with its batch image resizer:

  • Resize photos to a percentage of the original size of the photos so that the aspect ratio is preserved.
  • Fit photos within a certain frame size to resize them to the largest size that fits into that frame while preserving the aspect ratio.
  • Ignore the aspect ratio and resize photos to a specific set of dimensions.

Between these three options, you should be able to resize your photos for any purpose. For example if you want to shrink some of your travel photos slightly to conserve space then you could simply resize them to 80% of their original size. Alternatively if you want to prepare photos for a website and have them roughly the same size then you could determine a frame size and resize them to fit into it.

On top of all that, Movavi Photo Batch will also allow you to convert the format of your photos, adjust their quality, rename them, and rotate or flip their orientation – all of which should help prepare your photos to be published or stored exactly as you need them to be. Seeing as it is a batch processing software, it should come as no surprise that all these actions can be performed on photos in bulk – saving you a ton of time and lots of effort in the process.

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2nd Annual Spring Picnic with Friends in Fort Worth

The group of Filipinas in South side of Fort Worth including myself had our 2nd annual Spring Picnic in French Lake Drive in March 26, 2016. The weather that days was 77 degrees so perfect for our picnic. We had plenty of food for each of us had to bring 2-3 different type of meals, combined altogether equals a sumptuous lunch plus take home dishes!

I love this group of Filipinas because they are people I can hangout to laugh with, talk with, eat with and most of all be silly with. I am thankful I found them, two of whom are my neighbors because being with them somehow eases my homesickness.

I need that sense of being home by hanging out with these ladies not just for me but for our kids to play and have fun together once in a while. We all need that quick escape from house chores and work and chill a bit once in a while, you know?

As usual, I had a blast spending at least 6 hours of so much fun in the sun while also watching our kids play in the playground, run around, burning their energy and socializing with other friends’ kids. The group plan to continue this annual picnic in the next coming years as well as organize other outdoor activities pretty soon like camping out and or summer road trip down to Waco.

We shall see if these will push through…

…. a full table of food brought by the ladies and more desserts on the other table… people who passed by our table would look and amazed how much food we had….
 photo P1013002_zpst7gzmide.jpg
 photo 2ndspringpicnic_zpsdrietbvo.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic1_zpsshleim3h.jpg

 photo 2ndspringpicnic.jpg2_zpsgu0sx8gb.jpg


Masonic Rings that you can Design

Wearing a ring everyday says something about yourself, your relationship status and or you’re a proud graduate of something big. When you just graduated college, masters or PhD degrees, you sure would want to wear that very ring in your finger to tell the world how proud you are of yourself, aren’t you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can custom design that ring that you so wish to wear? That’s what joy jewelers masonic rings are. If you can click on the link, you can shop or browse hundreds of masonic ring styles. Their masonic rings are made of gold, sterling silver, steel and even titanium. Browse by metal, star-rated by price or their featured rings. Enjoy!

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Walking on the Dirt Road is Effortless

One of my favorite things to do while being on Mike’s ranch last Spring break was the early morning dirt road hike/walk. Mike would walk his dog for two miles and I realized that I should join too which I did, actually my kids went with us too!

After having warm beverage, we head out to the small road for as long as we could walk. We walked 2 miles each morning and it seemed like I did not even do any walking for it was effortlessly enjoyable. I did not mind the chilly wind kissing our skin because there was plenty of beautiful things to see around like on the other side of the road are herds of cattle, twitting birds, vultures in the blue sky, rabbits crossing the road ahead of us, looking at deer tracks, waving at neighbors who passed by us, talking anything with Mike, watching sissy the dog hunting and running here and there… just things you wouldn’t normally enjoy in the city.

I am more convinced now that living in the country is much nicer than in the city. You got all kinds of activities you can’t do in the city and all the birds, wild animals and the vast land you can own for you to enjoy your quiet mornings to sit on the porch!

I love the country, there is no doubt about that. If my husband decides to move in the country someday, I would wholeheartedly come with him with no complain.

 photo dirt road_zps7aly7qku.jpg

I Caught My Very First Fish

March 23 in Avery, Texas was somewhat significant to me because it was the very day I caught my very first fish. I caught a small crappie at a small creek on a family friend’s ranch.

I grew up surrounded by water but I have never gone fishing all my life until we visited Avery during our child’s Spring break. Two days of trying to fish and thought that I would not give up fishing until I caught one, which I did and it made me feel proud and victorious. Everybody around me were applauding and cheered on me that day, haha.

Fishing is a good way to test your patience, I tell you. Waiting for the fish to eat your bait takes forever, but, if you have patience, you are willing to wait for it. Or worse, you’ll never get any fish at all. Then you will have to try again the next day if you have time. That’s what I did, I did not give up and yes, as you can see photo below. I caught me a crappie!

The feeling was awesome and I was right, I will not give up until I get one!

… my very first experience in fishing and my very first fish!
 photo fish_zpsrbfwjvd6.jpg


Smooth Bright Sound

In everything we do, we want it to be as perfect as possible. Same goes with our musical instruments and the way we create music. This is what this musicman bass pickup does, if you want that smooth and bright sound, this is the thing. The Bartolini MMC MusicMan Bass Pickup is designed to improve the sound of your MusicMan style bass. This bright and smooth humbucker offers strong lows and low mid. The MMC pickup is cast in epoxy to remove unwanted feedback and microphonics.

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Ten Years in Uncle Sam!

So who would have thought that I could make it to ten years of living here in my adapted country, the United States of America? Life has been great and I have been blessed in so many ways except that I have battled occasional homesickness. When I think back of all those great and exciting things happened in my life here, I feel grateful more than ever because here I am, still standing tall and yes, LIVING MY AMERICAN DREAM!

Ten years of being here, what have I done? Below is a summary of the accomplishments within those years.

~ Built a relationship/marriage based on love, sincerity, faithfulness and loyalty.

~ Started my very first blog in 2008, My Virtual Journal (9 more blogs followed years after that).

~ Became a mother for the first time in 2008.

~ Acquired my US Citizenship in September 14,2010.

~ Became a mother for the second time in 2011.

~ Obtained my Texas driver’s license in 2012.

~ Re-acquired my Filipino Citizenship (Dual Citizen this time) September 28,2014.

~ I made 9 trips to and from the US and the Philippines.

~ I made quite a lot of Filipina friends in the Metroplex.

~ Discovered within myself that I have a heart and passion to care for others who are in need of my assistance (taking care of an elderly)

While others consider themselves to be successful by having a career or being in a spotlight or famous but truly for me being successful I have achieved my goals in life and that becoming a housewife and a mother. Working outside the home can wait and is always there whenever I want to. For now, I am just enjoying and focusing on raising these girls until they’re capable of helping themselves in the kitchen, when that time comes then it’s time for me to seek adventures outside too.