Strong Physically

I exercise when I find the time, no excuse! Even though sometimes, my mind wants to sweat and my body refuses to do it, I exercise anyway. This is for my own good. I may not have a curvy or sexy body but I have a body I can be proud of because I am healthy. I am naturally skinny so I am not so focused on losing more weight except a pound or two, maybe? My midsection is my only problem for it is where all my fats are stored and you know, it is a part of the body that’s the hardest to melt and tone.

I rarely get sick and most of all, I feel good inside out! I don’t long to be sexy or have six-pack abs. I workout because it feels good to sweat and to get that toxins out of my system.

I workout because I want to be strong physically and boost my self-esteem and self-confidence. These are things that can only be achieved by working out although sufficient love for ourselves enhance self-esteem too. But I prefer the former.

I currently weigh 99.2 or a few ounces more in the evening which is not quite close to my goal weight but heck, I learned to realize that a number in the scale is just a number, what matters to me is that I keep doing what I am doing in order to maintain a healthy body.

Quite frankly, I can call myself lucky because I have three big exercise equipment at home that I can use, a stationery bike, an elliptical and a treadmill. Not forgetting to mention an exercise bench too with 5, 8 and 10 weight dumbbells. Those are enough to do my home workout instead of paying a gym membership.

If I feel bored and want to breathe some fresh air, I walk around the neighborhood for an hour with our dog. You see, there are plenty of ways in order to sweat. If there is no heavy equipment available, there are plenty of workout ideas on Pinterest and Youtube using your body weight that you can follow.

I do cardio for an hour each time and some arms, legs and floor exercises that total 2 hours of workout. If I can do it, you can do it too. No excuse!

…. one of the exercises I do is the weighted bridge kicks. Good for the glutes, back and butt…
 photo workout_zpsdenm7qyq.jpg
… my arms are especially I can be proud to show off because of some toned muscles there. I don’t have bulky biceps but they are not sagging, that’s for sure! As for the abdomen, let’s talk about it when I am making progress in that area of my body. photo dakuglawas_zps0oe4atv1.jpg

Have been doing the elliptical and butt exercises which built me a small booty now. If I stop, booty will go back to being flat again…
 photo P1014192_zpsovsgqyqt.jpg

Metro PCS Phones on Groupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written by me 100%.

Two more sleeps and it will be back to school here in our place. Both of our children are now ready as well as the school supplies list are all waiting to be brought to school. Buying all those supplies surely cost us some money, gladly though that I am a wise shopper and took my time looking for cheap prices on each of the supply. Anyway, for those who have not finished completing the school supply list, you still have time to do it before the opening of class.

Children these days are expensive. Not only we, parents need to spend money on uniforms, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, some parents also need to spend on each big kid’s cell phones. And you know cell phones can be quite pricey too especially if they choose branded products. Not only that, the phone service can cost a lot of money depending on the plans you’re getting for them.

When it comes to buying new phones, I can recommend looking for prices and or phone models that you can very well afford on Groupon Goods. Yeah, on Groupon, you can find almost anything you need for your life to be comfortable and convenient. When you find that very phone for your kid/s, you may also want to compare rates and plans whether you want pre-paid or subscribe to big companies with contract.

 photo groupon_zpsuoxvyw8n.png

Sunny, the Big Black Dog

This is a late post. I should have done this the day following Sunny’s arrival. I would like to introduce to you all the new member of our family, Sunny. She is 8 months old (when she arrived, we don’t know when’s her birthday). She is husky/blue heeler mix.

She is a big dog, something that we are not used to. For 8 years, we only have one dog and she is so tiny, a 1/2 chichuahua/ 1/4 dachshund and 1/4 pekingese breed named Chicha.

Sunny, is so dark in color, gigantic in size but friendly, playful, energetic, fun and sweet girl. She only pooped and peed once in the house since she arrived almost two weeks ago. Oh, I should not forget the date she came here, July 27,2016.

Her staying with was unexpected. Her owner brought her in our house so we can see her and know if the dog will get along with our chihuahua. But, we thought Sunny was pretty, she obeys basic commands and about to be potty trained. My husband gave me two options, accept Sunny and let her stay or we set another appointment to see Sunny at her owner’s house someday with our dog. I chose the former and so the owner did not hesitate to hand me the leash and left the dog with us.

There has been lots of barking and an almost-fight incidents in this house since Sunny arrived but things are going pretty well. Our little dog I can see is jealous of her because she now has a rival when it comes to petting and affection from her human family.

Sunny became comfortable with me right away and became mommy’s girl since then. She cries when I am out of her sight and follows me around the house. I must admit, Sunny is so playful and we love it from her. Although we are still adjusting of her size and presence, she is literally a good dog. A great addition to our family and Jadyn loves her already.

…. this is Sunny’s first picture the day of her arrival, July 27,2016..
 photo first day_zpsvdupva2u.jpg

…this is her now, August 8,2016. Just three days away since her arrival…
 photo sunny headshot_zps624ymhxf.jpg

Over a Pound Away to My Goal Weight

So what’s up with me these days? Nothing much. No plans for the summer or anything exciting to do. Homesickness hasn’t kicked in, thank goodness. It is my first summer that I don’t feel crazy.

On the lighter side, I am pleased to see the number in the scale this morning. I exercise less nowadays but eating lighter meals before six in the evening. That somehow took off some pounds that I don’t need. I thought my weight is not gonna come down this far but hey, while there is life, there is hope, lol.

I shall continue doing the after six and discipline myself to not overeat or reach for junk foods when I feel hungry past six. Instead, gulp a cup of water until it’s bedtime. Goal weight is 97, I will truly be satisfied if I reach that number next week.

 photo 98_zpsrigx6kk5.jpg

My Pretty Zinnia in a Vase

It was last Fall of 2014 when I spread the zinnia seeds into my two flower gardens in the front yard, I did not have that many seeds, I just threw what I had and did not expect much from it. Last year, there wasn’t much zinnia but this year, I guess it’s their season. They are in fact overcrowding the two beds. The Celosia cannot be seen and did not grow tall because of my zinnia.

Who am I to complain? They just look stunning outside, there are so many of them that I needed to bring some in the house. Any flower that you brought in can make any room beautiful. I always put my harvested flower in the bathroom near the hallway because that’s where everybody goes to do their business and I want them to be delighted every time they go in there, including myself of course!

Look at this photo, don’t you agree that zinnia flowers in pink look gorgeous? And to think that I did not have to buy them, they grow right outside our house!

 photo zinnia_zpskzscinvo.jpg

I Have Been Blogging Since 2008

I have been blogging since 2008 and since then I have earned through my blogs. I have joined several blogging websites throughout the years and a lot of them did not survive since the recession. I am still very much alive in blogging world although there is a big difference now when it comes to monetizing my blogs.

The earning is very slow and sometimes I can’t help but wonder, what if blogging would still be dependable to earning a some money so we, stay-at-home moms don’t need to seek for jobs outside our home? One of the sites that stayed and is still alive is the Triangle Direct Media.

Here, you can get paid advertising on your blog with anything you like to talk about and some twitter shares. If you have a new blog, you might register it on the link above.

Groupon is a Site to Go to Save

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are written solely by me.

I love to shop! Who does not love shopping, raise your right hand? I admit, I tend to buy too much stuff we don’t need especially when it comes to clothing, shoes, children’s clothing, beauty products and a whole lot more. But take note, I don’t buy them in full price. I always hunt for bargains when in stores or even online. I always look for coupons.

When shopping online, I always compare prices and visiting one site to another. Some of the best deals are found on one particular website, not only that, they offer Groupon Coupons. They always have coupons for everything, everyday!

If you are like me who likes to save some money and hunt for deep discounts, you should try browsing on Groupons. You will find out that tons of stores you can think about have coupons for you to use on their site. One of the stores I love to have coupon to use is Petsmart coupons because my second born is having a birthday next week. I’d like to give her a fish, but before that, I want to know if I can save something from shopping at Petsmart with the use of a coupon code.

I am Slowly Seeing Result with my Workout

If there is one wish I want to happen these summer days is for me to be able to workout at least four times a week in order to achieve my flat belly goal. But heck, I have other obligations that need my attention constantly. I am not complaining, I am just saying I wish I have the luxury of time to workout as often as I can.

Right now, I am trying to get that “me time” by working out at home 3 times a week if I can. I started getting serious with my exercise since I realized that I gained 5 pounds from too much eating since December ’till January, with all those party gatherings with awesome food, I just could not resist pigging out.

I got even more determined with exercise when my blood work last month came out I had high cholesterol and is so  high, 241 instead of just getting the normal numbers 90-200 level.

When I exercise, I don’t do the same routine every time I sweat, rotate the kind of workout each time and use different machines for cardio. Luckily, we got a treadmill, an elliptical and a stationery bike. Once that fire start burning, I move on to the main exercise like lifting weights using dumb bells, leg exercises or do Jillian’s HIIT.

Anyway, I am quite pleased ¬†with all those hard work I have for weeks now, I lost 2 pounds, exercise at least 2 hours or more each time and eating light during the day. Photos below is of me looking sweaty right after doing my 30-minute cardio walk/jog on the treadmill and two shots doing Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training on Youtube.

Once goal is achieved, I will have to post my before and after photos of my belly. So wish me good luck, friends!

…. myself so sweaty after my cardio…
 photo workout.jpg1_zpswabzuw2l.jpg
…. doing weighted (5 pound dumb bell) rear lunges here, first round of Jillian Michaels’ High Intensity Interval Training

 photo lunges_zpsqclbkq0z.jpg

… I am not there yet but surely doing some progress. There is still at least three pounds need to lose and belly to shrink in two months time.

 photo lunges1_zpslrsa5cs3.jpg

Officially 33

Another year is added to my existence here on earth. I am beyond blessed to be living and reach this age because there are a few of my batch mates in school who unfortunately did not make it to my age.

As usual, we celebrated our birthday by dining out at Red Lobster exclusively with family. Nothing fancy, nothing special except that I feel special because my husband took a day off today. He gave me flowers and a balloon yesterday. That alone make me feel pretty, haha.

I am thankful to the Lord above for giving me this opportunity to celebrate my 33rd birthday with people I love the most. I am healthy at this age and most of all, I have peace of mind. That’s a gift because not everyone in this world have that and having peace of mind is something that cannot be bought.

Anyway, I ordered the biggest plate of Red Lobsters’ “Lobster and Shrimp Summer Fest” menu. It’s my birthday so it’s a treat and I believe, I deserve it. Who does not? The food is scrumptious and yes, it’s huge that I couldn’t eat it all. Bringing home the leftover just give me another meal to enjoy my birthday food.

I saw the summer fest advertised on Facebook last night and I knew right then what I am gonna order today, so I did. We had some appetizer, main dish and a dessert which is a strawberry cheesecake. We all enjoyed the dinner and I feel blessed.

…. a reminder how I look at 33
 photo P1013784_zpsihz7nizc.jpg
… a treat for myself on my birthday. I love everything that’s in the plate. My kind of food to be exact.
 photo fb6295ef-11e8-40eb-b492-f180bc6eaf2c_zpsnv8s1vt7.jpg

…. cheesecake with strawberry, the only dessert that was ordered because everybody was too full for more food, except Jadyn…
 photo 5075e591-2faf-4552-a814-83f4ba1b607b_zpswe5sjxmv.jpg

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