Our Tiny Christmas Tree IS Up

After debating myself for one week whether to put up our little Christmas tree or not, I came up with the result of putting it up for if I won’t, it is going to be our second Christmas this year without our Christmas tree. I feel empty inside not having the sparkling lights and decorated Christmas tree inside the house. I am also jealous with the neighbors who already hang their lights outside their house and ours is so empty, dark and boring.

On a lighter note, this year is going to be my 4th Christmas here in the US and for that I am thankful for another year that God has given me to celebrate it with my family. Although American celebration of Christmas is solemn but I am still thankful for I’m with my husband and very own kid, Deden.

P.S Attached photos are of our cute Christmas tree with my Jadyn taken from my mobile phone, shots are blurry that’s why. Digital camera is very dead still…