The Book That Caught Me

I am not a bookworm myself. Nor do I love books. But when I saw this book shown above, I couldn’t help but read it. The title of the book alone is so interesting for it is based in true to life story. This is the only book that I got interested in reading and take note, I read the whole entire book in less than a month.
Reading a book even if it isn’t that thick is such a hard work for me to do. Why? Because I hate reading. I only read when instructed by the teacher during my school days. I find it boring and puts me to sleep when I attempted to read in the past. But since I finished this one, now I am beginning to like reading. Guess, I shall include reading now as one of my past times??? Oh not to mention, I got a really good book waiting on me in our bedroom, The Breaking Dawn. Young adults I presume they know it.