Miracle Of Him

Miraculous mother of mercy! My husband is cooking rice and I can smell the scent of aromatic cooked Jasmine rice right now. He is not a rice eater, I am. I can’t live a day without it. My husband is an American and he lives with potatoes but then he is out of potatoes and he’s too lazy to drive to the nearest grocery store so he cooked rice. It’s a miracle he will eat rice tonight, really.
He would only have rice if he is dining out — at work, dinner with family or somewhere far from home. But if he is at home, you wouldn’t find him eating rice especially if it’s white rice. Tsk tsk tsk, I guess he has no choice tonight but eat some or until we can go grocery shopping again he will have his potatoes.

Movies and Other Good Shows

What could be better if you have something to entertain you at home while on day off or just relaxing in your couch through watching real good movies or other good shows on Satellite TV? With all the numerous programs that a good Satellite TV provides you, for sure there will be no dull moments at home for you. For instance, watching those crime scene series is just so fun especially if your partner or husband at home likes watching them too.
As for me, we don’t have it although we have TiVo but programs shown there are limited. Better than nothing though. For now I must be content of what we have, anyway, I can live a day without those superb movies that are shown on satellite T.V. Who knows someday we might get a subscription from them to experience that complete entertainment and excitement that most people are watching.

DIY napkin rings for my apartment

Guest post written by Analise Fred
Anyone who knows me probably knows that I live in a really bad looking apartment. But for all the money that I save on rent, I like to use it to put back into my place and make it look really spectacular. I love to entertain in my apartment and I think that my friends like to come over because I live by myself and have the space for it.
I thought that one of the things that would really help pull my apartment together even more and make it look like a real grown up works there is to put together some matching and chic looking place settings for my dining table. But I wanted to DIY them so I looked up some ways I could do that with my CLEARINTERNET. Even though I put that money I save on rent back into my decor, I don’t like to spend more than I need to on it.
But I think that any good place setting isn’t complete without some coordinating napkin rings. So I bought some jewelry wire on clearance, along with a big box full of beads that I’m stringing onto the wire. I think it’s going to look really eclectic and neat.

Her American Breakfast

Whole Wheat Bread Pictures, Images and Photos I somehow find it funny for my big Princess to ask a lot of foods in one meal. When she was two years old, I was having trouble feeding her for she just didn’t have a good appetite plus she was very picky. Everything I gave to her was declined but lately she is the one asking for food. Sometimes she would utter “mommy, give me fish, buwad and rice and egg and hipon”. Other times like this morning, she asked me for an American breakfast that include bacon, egg, rice fish and other stuff but I only gave her two things.
I chose to give her wheat bread with peanut butter in and fried crispy bacon. They are easy to prepare and she loves them. I am here trying to do my opportunities so a quick breakfast like bread and bacon help a lot plus the kid had a great time munching on them.

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Entertainment At Home

Thanks to my husband for providing a good and comfortable life even though we don’t have a lot of money but at least we can have anything we want and can afford to buy what we need. With this being said, he has been a good provider to us and I really am thankful I married him. While a lot of families going out to see a movie in the theater, that can be very costly while we only spend at least 8 dollars a month through Netflex. We choose the movie we want and have them mailed in our mailbox so then we can watch it together at home. 
My husband is a kind of person that is practical at the same time willing to spend money on our home entertainment. We do have our PS3 which serves as the dvd movie player providing us a crystal clear quality picture connected to our component through the use of component video cables which then give us a theater-like movie experience every night. By watching movies at home, it saves us plenty of bucks plus we get to enjoy our family time together with so much privacy in our own home.

Removing Wart

I know few people who have problems with warts keep coming back. In the Philippines we have other way to destroy the wart but knowing you will have to use a blade or razor and lighted cigarette butt in order to get rid of the wart, you would not like the idea. Here in the U.S, it is so high tech that people can just use a cautery to remove a wart which is more hygienic and less painful rather than using the ridiculous way that Filipinos do. If you want for yourself, just buy it online or click on the link directly then you will be directed to a page where you can choose different prices of cauteries.
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Feels Cooler

I’ve only slept for a few last night. Jadyn had a leak in the bed so I had to get up and changed her pull-ups but after that I couldn’t get back to sleep right away. For some reason I just couldn’t forget the world until six o’clock in the morning. One reason maybe because we did not use our quilt and the sheets were kind of cold and I wasn’t comfortable with that. Even when I woke up at ten, I felt a bit cold but then I refused to wear my jacket.
My yahoo weather on yahoo messenger says it’s 71 degrees Fahrenheit but it feels like a lot cooler than that. Windows are open and I can feel the cool breeze coming inside, it is really chilly trust me. I don’t hear Jadyn complaining about being cold, maybe it’s just me having some weird feeling for I am having hormonal changes these days.

Genuine Consumer Reviews

When in doubt and hesitant with the drugs you bought and want to find out it’s reliability and if it works, you may want to visit www.consumerreviews.net because here you can find answers to your questions that you need to know so bad. This website is your your number one source for genuine consumer reviews. You can trust them for genuine consumer reviews when it comes to products that are on the market which claim to be the best but only prove nothing to some people like you when you try to take the products. This website also helps you decide which of these products to spend your hard earned cash on plus they neatly categorized the information so that you can easily compare them that you think of purchasing.
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One Goal

Most people I hear complaining about how they gained extra pounds as years go by. They complain too much and they are not watching what they are eating, they don’t do something to burn calories instead often go to a buffet place or drive thru food chains to grab some food. They can help themselves by doing simple things like cooking their own healthy meals and do a little exercise or perhaps take an OxyElite Pro diet pills. Losing weight is not an easy task but one can achieve his or her goal if he is really serious about getting rid of the unwanted flabs and pounds they carry in their body. What OxyElite Pro does is that it increases thermogenesis and deactivates a receptor in the body that increases fat absorption. When this receptor is deactivated the fat you take in is supposed to go through the body easier to help you lose weight.

Five Years In America!

Yeah, it’s been five years since I set foot in the American soil. I am glad and I am thankful for that. My American dream was realized when I finally landed in LAX on March 13,2006 at 11:45 in the morning. I only believed it was indeed American soil I was stepping on when I got out the airport and that chilly wind greeted me. I only wore a thin jacket from the Philippines back then so to me that coldness was excruciating (for someone who is fresh from the boat and who lived all her life in a tropical country) and sent a deep chill into my bones.
From LAX we drove to Banning, CA to meet my dear father-in-law Morgan Sanborn for the first time. He was such a nice man and so welcoming. I felt ease and comfort when he opened his warms wide open for me. I liked him right there and then, he was a good man my heart said so. We stayed for two nights in Banning, spent a day exploring in Palm Springs and rode that famous Palm Springs tramway or the cable car that brought us on top of the mountain (there were plenty of snow that time and it was indeed magical when I first touched the real soft white snow), what an experience that was!
Then off we flew to Texas where we will spend our life together as a married couple, eventually make a family. Of five years being here, what did I accomplish? A lot of things actually. Firsthand, we built our marriage based on trust, love, understanding and most of all loyalty. Got a kid (Jadyn- 3 years old) and one on the way, adopted a very naughty dog Chicha, moved to our own house as we were only renting a single family house for 4 years, made a few trusted Filipina friends, met a bunch of Filipina acquaintances, made quite a number of enemies online (lol to them for I know I’m being hated for being myself) and the biggest thing I’ve done is acquiring my U.S citizenship.
As for getting a driver’s license… ahhhh that is yet to be worked out. Such a failure of me not getting it after spending five freaking years here and not being able to drive. I felt like I’ve waisted so many years of my life being lazy by not taking driving seriously. I just realized how important it is to be independent at all times. BOW! Enough of my long litanya basin asa rani maabot nga posting ug padayonon!