Some Lazy Mornings

There were days when I woke up I felt so lazy and tired. I wouldn’t want to do anything but sit on my computer for an hour before my body can go back to normal. It would take me an hour or two to regain my strength and energy but by the time I feel okay that will be past lunch.
So what I do, in order for my Jadyn to eat her breakfast I would only give her the easiest and quickest fix, yogurt or cereal or peanut wheat bread with peanut butter and fruits like that shown in the picture. Not the typical breakfast we usually have but that is good enough to last until lunch.

Acne Is Gone

I remember as a teenager I always had this clearer and smoother skin in my face. Unlike some other kids in the same school I went, they were suffering from pimples and acne. In fact, I still remember vividly there was a girl in my batch whose acne was so bad that it made her face look swollen. She wasn’t ugly, in fact she had the prominent nose that a normal Filipino kid has and a good skin complexion. But the problem was her face just covered with acne. Back then, it was so hard to look for treatment for acne, we were young, we didn’t have our own money nor a part-time job, so we didn’t really have an extra money to buy what we need. We depended on our parents everyday, that’s the hard part of our life in high school. But anyway, ten years after, I saw this girl again on Facebook and was very surprised that her acne was gone, there was not even a sign of it on her face. She now has smoother and cleaner face that makes her look pretty. How amazing, how did she do that?

Stop Pinching Them

I don’t understand why some people love doing the pinching and squeezing their own nose or face trying to get rid of the blackhead they have. If only they can find a blackhead removal so that they don’t have to do that agonizing pinch again. As I watched them, I can feel the pain as if it was my own skin that was being pinched so hard. What a torture. These guys (few friends in high school) need to do it in a more hygienic way. I know blackhead removal is available anywhere, why can’t they just try to buy some for them and see if it solve their problems? Ahhhh I bet I know the reason before they can utter it, no budget! People in the Philippines always say NO BUDGET.

A Present From America

I talked to one of my brothers last night online and he told me that my grandmother asked him when can I visit the Philippines again. She then asked if she can have a present from America specifically, a cigar for she just want to try how or what cigar taste like from America. I told him well, that is not a big favor to do to an old grandmother who wishes nothing but try to smoke a cigar. I can bring her dutch masters cigars next time I can go visit my homeland, someday soon. Meanwhile, I need to start saving up some money for the next trip for I know it takes forever for dimes and pennies grow in the bank.
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