A Pose With Jason Castro

Who would have thought that the final picture taking today was of me and Jason Castro, one of American Idols contestant in season 7. I did not expect to see him at the 2011 Air Show Expo today. Among the thousands of crowds who were present at the show, it was purely miracle I happen to spot his dreadlock from behind. To make sure if I was correct, I came closer to him and looked at his face… then he really was Jason and called him.. Jason?. And he turned around to face me…. What an awesome closing of the show for I got to shake hands with my favorite American Idol during the season!
In fairness, he looked cuter in person than on t.v. Those big blue eyes are just hmmmmmmm yummy! Of course I wouldn’t be going home without our picture!

……. a pose with Jason Castro and myself at the 2011 Fort Worth Air Show Expo…. NAS JRB Carswell