Tired Of Eating Fried Foods

I have been frying most of my foods lately and I feel like I am tired of it. I want to eat something that has no oil in it, I want something that I can slurp into my mouth, something that is healthy and full of nutrients. In short, I miss eating native vegetable stew or “utan bisaya” as we call it in our native tongue. It has been quite a while we haven’t shopped at the Asian Market so today, we might go there to buy me some vegetables that can only be found at the Asian Market. Besides, it’s Holy week. And our tradition during this time is make or cook us some “binignit”. I don’t expect I can find all the ingredients for this delicacy but a few of it like banana, sweet potatoes, glutinous rice and coconut milk is good enough. I can’t wait to go there and buy plenty of goodies for me for a whole month of consumption!

Mirrors On The Wall

I don’t believe one can live without a mirror or two in his or her house. We all need it for the same purpose just so we can take a good look of ourselves before facing our visitors or going out, to ensure that we dressed well and that we don’t have any flaws that others might see, do you agree? Mirrors don’t only serve their purpose, they also add beauty to our walls such as these Contemporary floor mirror and Decorative mirror for bathrooms.
The decorative mirrors for the bathrooms especially have unique shape that your partner might want to have in the house. I know a person who admires art and for that this kind of mirror can make a great gift on his birthday for his bathroom. Now I know what kind of gift should I buy for him in the next couple of weeks.

Babushka and Matryoshka Nesting Dolls

Each one of us has each own hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes. Some are into gardening like me. Others love collecting coins or dolls. Just like one of my friends who happen to be my close friend loves to collect dolls, a different kind of dolls that you don’t normally see in stores around you. She now has at least 10 Russian dolls she carefully stored in her cabinets in the living room. She talked to me one time about his collection and I was surprised how many she got now.

In fact, she would like to add these two beautiful Babushka doll and Matryoshka nesting doll to her collection and then she asked me if I know someplace where she can buy those. Good thing, I stumble upon this site called MatryoshkaNestingDolls.com just this morning. It was founded with a simple goal – to provide their customers the largest selection of Matryoshka Nesting Dolls and Russian Nesting Dolls at the best possible prices. I hope we can get to talk online again tonight so I can deliver to her the good news about this website I found.