What Is Airsoft?

What Is Airsoft? When somebody asked me that question the very first thing came in my mind is a gun to play or fun shooting around with your friends or just regular target practice on inanimate objects or whatsoever. I have seen this game on t.v. I have never tried it and I would like to someday.
Talking about Airsoft guns, if you want to buy one for you, I know a certain website that carries a wide selection of Airsoft guns, paintball guns and other accessories. The company I know is called GF Airsoft, a family owned and operated. Founded by Pat Demarzo in 2006, GF Airsoft started out in a closet-sized retail space on Rt. 22 in New Jersey – Godfather Paintball. Guns and other products come with a factory warranty or if you choose, you can also purchase guns with no warranty, Grand Father Airsoft can provide you what they call an IN-HOUSE 0,0 day limited warranty from the original purchase date. And take note they are the only company that offers this type of warranty to their customers. Plus they do value their customers so much so providing a good and excellent service is what they aim.