One Productive Day

I felt so bored this morning that I didn’t want to do anything else including writing my tasks. I just set them aside for I cannot force my brain to work when I am not in the mood. What I did was got up from the computer and turned my attention to some of the chores that I’d been meaning to do. I couldn’t get around to them the past few days so today I tried to force myself to get them over with.
I vacuumed the study and tidy up Jadyn’s bedrooom, vacuumed the hallway as well, cleaned Jadyn’s bathroom sink and swept the floor and then went to take a shower. I felt relieved and glad that I’ve done something worthwhile today. Those are the chores I kept putting on hold due to the fact that I don’t have enough energy to do chores these days. I still have not been sleeping so good at night, that is why. Now I am just waiting for my baby girl to wake up, feed her and take a nap once she is back to sleeping again.