For Safety And Protection

When you are in a car, truck or any vehicle you must always fasten your seat belt for in case of accidents or crashes, you are protected. The belt keeps you from being thrown out the window if the impact is so strong. When riding a motorcycle, wearing helmets like HJC RPS-10 is a must. Not only to abide the law but for your own safety and protection. You cannot say you will be safe on the road just because you have been riding a motorcycle all your life. The thing is, accidents do happen in an unexpected places and time so it is always a wise idea to take precautions and wear proper gear all the time whenever you head out and drive.
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Future Business

I put an advertisement on Craigslist last night of my Coach leather hobo, if I sell it, I might venture into selling genuine Coach handbags on Craigslist someday. I have had a few successful sale on Craigslist before and I am hoping that this could be my way of starting a small business of my own.
As for the capital, I saved up at least a thousand dollar from blogging and I am willing to take the risk of using my own money so I can get started with this amazing business. For I know, most women like to have a handbag especially if it’s a reputable brand like Coach. God willing He will guide me as I do my business hopefully the next time there is a sale online again. I might buy at least three handbags as a start and if I sell it all, I will buy more in the future.


Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder
I looked into CLEAR bundle prices and we decided to switch over to them. I made an appointment for early next week. We are going to be out of town at the end of the week, so they have to come out next week. We are actually taking a really fun trip this weekend. We are going to Charleston, South Carolina. They recently put in more terminals in the airport and Southwest flies there, so you can get there for a lot cheaper than you used to be able to. We haven’t been to Charleston in years.
There are a lot of things that I am looking forward to doing. We have rented a condo on King Street, where there are lots of shops and places to eat. We have reservations at one of the top rated places in the country, Husk. It has gotten rave reviews. My husband and I are big foodies. I think that it is what we are looking forward to the most. I think that it is going to be a blast. We also are going to give some of our friends that live there a call and meet up with them for a drink.

Parallel Parking

Everybody hates doing or practicing parallel parking. Why of all the steps in driving it is the very or most difficult thing to do? I am a lefty and you can only imagine when I try to do the parallel park, things aren’t easy for me because my brain and hands aren’t coordinating. It sucks yeah but hey I am very eager to get the license soon so whether I like it or not I have to master the parallel park.
Even my friends who just have their licenses admitted to me that they were having difficulty mastering the parallel park too and take note, they are right-handed. One thing I am not so good about is the reverse. oh well, could be because I am conscious if somebody is watching me. I tried doing the reverse a few times without my husband in the car and I did it just fine. When he’s with me, I always hit the curb haha!

Craft Needs

I understand why some people are so hooked into crafts for I myself once get addicted to it. I made bows for cute girls for free. Those times I got addicted to it, I couldn’t stop doing what I was doing as if I worry I can’t make enough to give out as gifts to selected friends’ daughters of mine.
Just like everybody else, once you get addicted into something it is so hard for you to stop so I can understand those that are addicts in good ways, hehe. For those who use solid copper wire in your crafting projects, please visit on the link here and buy as much as you want for a fraction of cost. Thank you!
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Dreams For Our Kids

We do have dreams for our kids. Few of which are for our first born to learn Kung Fu, that’s her father’s idea and I want her to at least became familiar with any musical instruments such as the keyboards. Growing up so poor, I didn’t have a chance to learn anything that has something to do with music. Now that I have children, I want them to be able to explore the world of music and have a talent to be proud of. I would be very happy if Jadyn learns how to play the piano or the keyboard. It would be another big dream come true for me.

New Set Of Retainers

I got myself a set of new retainers. The old ones I have been wearing for a year got cracks in them and I worry that if I rip them off my mouth one day I will have nothing to wear at night. That scares me for I don’t wanna go back to having crooked teeth after fixing it that cost us a fortune plus the fact that I suffered so much discomfort during one and a half years of my treatment.
My issue of this new set is that the upper one is so tight that it hurts when I take it off in the morning. Supposed to not hurt anymore too since they were molded as it is the current form or spacing of my teeth. Although the sore isn’t as bad as before yet still it hurts. I guess just few more nights wearing them and I’ll be okay, it just need a little bit of getting used to my new retainers before I can totally feel comfortable with them.

The Love Of Shoes

I used to love shopping for shoes a lot. It was my first thing to be addicted of and then years later I realized I got too many pairs of them so I kind of stopped buying for shoes. Nowadays, it isn’t economical to keep buying for new pairs while in fact I still got a few new pairs with tags still on. But if I were to choose shopping for a new one, I would go buy for bass shoes because of their durability, classic look and comfort. Why would I go for stylish high-heeled shoes when I’m the one to suffer walking with them so uncomfortable and give me blisters?

Nursing Scrubs

I think nurses wearing nursing scrubs with colorful and playful designs make them lovable in the eyes of their patients especially the children. If they wear just plain white uniforms, it would be easier for sick kids to associate them as BAD nurses for you know, when they enter in patients’ room the first thing they could do is to poke them with needles. That is what happened to my Jadyn when she got hospitalized in the Philippines a year ago that traumatized her. Poor girl.

Maybe Someday

Maybe someday I will be motivated to take my driving seriously. I would be the happiest person on Earth if I can finally get my driver’s license. Even that happens, I would still need to study the map or get more familiar with the roads and streets in this city so I won’t get lost. I can use a handheld garmin gps alright, but even if I use it I would still be lost for I probably doesn’t know how to follow the directions it says haha! So dumb of me. If we live in the country, I would for sure knows the direction for it wouldn’t be too complicated over there for sure.