Our First Snowfall

We finally had our abrupt first snowfall last night. When it snowed, big fat flakes fallen down from the sky and it was good enough to put some whiteness covering the ground for a while. It was maybe an hour the snow fell but that was it. After that it never snowed again and the ones on the ground melted. When I woke up this morning all the snow is gone, not even a tiny white that I can see out there.
Right now it still feels very cold, gloomy and dark. Arggggggggs! Hopefully it gets better as we head towards Tuesday morning and the rest of the week. Have a nice Monday everyone!

It’s Everywhere

I am amazed most Americans care so much about their country. They are so into politics. In fact, I know several people including my husband who are devoted to spending their time listening to politics on t.v or radio. They would fight and stand for what they believe in. Some even place a political yard sign showing their support to the running candidate to be the leader of the country or even at their local area. Others show political sign on what party they belong to.
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