I Feel Miserable

I haven’t had a good sleep 3 nights in a row. Last night was the worst because I only had 2 hours of shallow sleep. I was nauseated, with hoarse throat and stuffy nose. I don’t feel good at all, I feel so miserable plus the baby is teething. She is cranky and wouldn’t sleep, if she sleeps it would be 15-minute nap since last night.
Poor girl, her lower gum is swelling, looks like two teeth are gonna come out soon. There is no one around to help me with her. I try myself though to attend my sick baby even though I don’t feel good. Here’s the worst case scenario, I am passing my virus to my baby when I fed her this morning. I had to lick and blow her spoon before I could give it to her to ensure the food is not hot…. Great way of passing my sickness to her, yeah?

Business Investment

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Medical Liability Insurance

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