No Enough Time

I’m a full-time mom and wife as you may all know. I got two kids to take care of. They are my main reason why I choose to stay at home rather than working outside. I do have my “sideline” though and I am happy having my blogs which serve as my online diary at the same time make money from them.

Lately I have been so busy taking care of my blogs. I’ve been working on them for days now and I am still not done yet. I got too many things to do online and in my offline world yet too little time. I’ve never felt so stressed like this before. Honestly, I missed those “boring times” I have had in the past. It would be a great relief once I get my normal schedule back.

While writing this entry at this moment, my eyes feel like they are ready to fall off. I can’t go to bed yet because I still have three tasks need to finish tonight. Geezzz baby Megan is still awake, she’s right here beside me giggly and making baby noise. For some reason, this baby stays up with me tonight….