New job

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

My husband has been waiting on a promotion at his job for several months now. He thought he would be getting a promotion when his boss called him into his office last month, but he instead was told that the company was downsizing and he had been chosen as one that they were going to let go. My husband was devastated because we have three children and I am a stay at home mom. He began searching for a job the next day and we were so blessed when he got hired at a new company the next week. We knew we were going to have to move when he accepted his new position, but we were grateful he had a job. I immediately looked into different Texas electricity providers because I knew that would be one way to save money in our new home. Our search for a home went pretty smoothly and we were able to find an affordable home. With my husband’s severance pay, we will be able to afford the payments on both homes until our original house sells. Hopefully it will not be on the market long.

Waiting Patiently

Thank You Lord! I was flooded with opportunities yesterday. Blogging days like this encourage me to write efficient reviews and be more thankful than ever. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to this very paid blogging site who have been so kind with me since the beginning. I started joining their team since 2007.  They have been so helpful to me financially even though at times I could only do a few tasks from them. There is nothing I can say more except THANKS to them.

I just wish one thing though. I wish that the former employee they had will come back. I liked her a lot because whenever I send a concern or question to her, she’d return to me quickly. She was very friendly  and prompt answering all my emails too! When she quit, I felt sad because I don’t know where or who am I gonna send my concerns to?

I’ve been emailing at least 4 or 5 times to their system and haven’t heard a thing from them ever since. I am still here wondering if my blog is ever gonna be declined or accepted or am I being picked on? I don’t know. Somehow, extending my patience until they hear me and hopefully approve my blog and hope they know all my blogs have dedicated IPs each except the  subdomain. SIGH! Right here waiting…



I Woke Up Hungry

It was so strange of me waking up this morning feeling so hungry wanting to eat a t bone steak. If only I could eat it right away, I would be delighted feeding my hungry stomach, satisfying my craving for steaks. It’s been quite a while now since we had steak. If we were to order this at the restaurant, it would be expensive. However, there is another way to have t bone steak, online ordering or buy at a local grocery store. Steaks T-Bone is a traditional favorite of serious steak fans. It’s a whole bone-in Strip Sirloin, plus a portion of tender Filet Mignon all in one generous cut.

Tablet PC

Everybody is wishing to have all the latest gadgets they can ever imagine. The problem is these recent release high technology gadgets are often expensive. But with proper research and patient, one can find those that they want for discount prices. One example is this tablet pc I am looking at right now. It is an ACER ICONIA A100 TABLET 7-INCH 8GB, original price is $279.99. If you buy it now, this will save you $30 off. Or if you visit the link here, you can choose whichever tablet pc you want from different brands with different prices.

Minimally Invasive Spine Care

More than 85 million of Americans suffer from back pain. Some have back pains or bad back since they were younger due to accident. I know someone who just had his spine surgery. He too had a bad back due to the nature of his former job. I hope he does fine now since he just had surgery recently. For those who suffer back pain, please refer to laser spine institute. The leader minimally invasive spine care in America.

Thankful Sunday

I PRAISE YOU LORD FOR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL, QUIET, CALM AND AWESOME SUNDAY! This is what I love being here in America because I get to experience the quietness of my mornings. I could hear different species of birds chirping, having a  cooler temperature kissing my skin, bright sun shining above us and most of all it is so peaceful! It is only in America that I can have peace of mind, away from noises that neighbors or loud volume radios that other people make.

Although having some quiet and peaceful times can be overwhelming, I also appreciate a little bit of noise sometimes is good and I can only experience this in the Philippines. I don’t know, it is confusing at times because there are moments I want to see a large number of people and children playing outside or hear children’s scream and other times I just want to be in a very silent place. If only I could bring these two worlds closer together so whatever my body yearns for, I could easily visit or go home.

All in all, I am happy and thankful for the gift of life and for being alive another day. I am also thankful that I have given a chance  to live in these two great nations; USA and the Philippines.

Giving Your Kitchen A New Look

Have you ever thought or are you thinking of redesigning or giving your kitchen a new look? A new kitchen inspires the cook of the house to do more than just rather cooking the usual recipe that your family usually eat. Say goodbye to the old fashion, dark and stained counter tops and backsplash by giving them a whole new look. You have an option to change your back splash into either a mosaic tile by or glass tiles from It is your choice which one should you go and I tell you, they will create a tremendous change in your kitchen or give your kitchen a phenomenal modern conversation piece when finished.

At Eden Mosaic tile, you can find several options. They are the premiere retailer of specialty metal and glass mosaic tile. They also offer the following; metal tile, stainless steel tile, copper tile, aluminum tile and glass tile in a handful of finishes and colors. Unique glass and stone mixed mosaic tiles that really bring out a new level of texture are also available at Eden Mosaic tile.

It Is Drawing Near

I can’t help but to be nervous. Well, I am not so nervous…just a little bit. I have tried this before and I failed. Admittedly, I wasn’t quite ready and perhaps I didn’t take it seriously that is why I did not pass. This time is different. I am more experienced, I have matured and it is a matter of pride why I am itching to get this only thing I have been wanting to get for so long.

That awaited day come Friday. I ask myself if I will be able to pass the test or if not? Well, I should not be discouraged instead keep taking the test until I can get myself a driver’s license and be confident driving elsewhere without worrying that I can be caught.

Lord, You know how I want it so please help me. Guide my hands, feet and mind that I shall do this right in order to pass. I think I am more than ready for it.

Things To Do In Orlando

Packages to Universal Studios. This is so great for future travelers can save some money going to Orlando, Florida.

I must say it will be worth the expense if they ever choose to go to Orlando because there are so many things to do in Orlando people of all ages can enjoy especially the kids.

If I am given a chance to go for a vacation, I would not hesitate choosing to go to Florida where I can have a long sandy beach, soak in the seawater, get some sun and spend the rest of my vacation days exploring Orlando especially at the Universal Studios. It would be a great adventure for me who hasn’t been there and for the kids. I have two, although they are both girls but I know they would love to experience such great adventure that Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida can offer.

Headache Is Gone Because Of The Good News

What an amazing morning I have, thank You, Lord!!! My day started out so busy. Life as a mother and blogger is like juggling tasks everyday both online and offline. Wow that makes me a superwoman as I always say. I’ve been so blessed with plenty of online tasks to do. I was kind of confused this morning how am I gonna ever finish them all today? I had a baby with me that is so squirmy plus a headache!

Gladly, she went to bed and been sleeping for an hour now. I am taking my time to really finish these tasks before I get drowsy for I took a headache pill earlier. My headache is gone now because of the good news I received in my personal e-mail. An e-mail saying my blog has been approved and that this new paid blogging site is welcoming me to their network! Awesome! New blogging network means additional future moolah for me? Hope so, Lord!