My Husband’s Wish Is To Have A Workshop

I know how my husband feels right now, he is a bit impatient and disappointed. He is anticipating to having what he call a “workshop” where he can do his manly hobby in a comfortable place. Besides having a workshop, this building that he plans to have would also be our storage unit for some stuff. But things are sort of “put off” right now because of this major project that we haven’t done yet. Budget is not an issue here instead it is the roofer himself that is incompetent.

Back to the workshop, the husband is a picky man. If he wants something, he would make it sure what he is going to have in the backyard will be strong and could last forever. That is why he looked for metal buildings on the internet for it is the only material that he likes. He doesn’t want to spend something but then years later he has to fix it or something.