Headache Is Gone Because Of The Good News

What an amazing morning I have, thank You, Lord!!! My day started out so busy. Life as a mother and blogger is like juggling tasks everyday both online and offline. Wow that makes me a superwoman as I always say. I’ve been so blessed with plenty of online tasks to do. I was kind of confused this morning how am I gonna ever finish them all today? I had a baby with me that is so squirmy plus a headache!

Gladly, she went to bed and been sleeping for an hour now. I am taking my time to really finish these tasks before I get drowsy for I took a headache pill earlier. My headache is gone now because of the good news I received in my personal e-mail. An e-mail saying my blog has been approved and that this new paid blogging site is welcoming me to their network! Awesome! New blogging network means additional future moolah for me? Hope so, Lord!