Click Here How You Can Earn Money On Unused Test Strips


You know when you feel something is not right with your body and your intuition says you need to go see a doctor for a check up, please listen to it for this little voice you ignore so often is always right. When you have blurry vision, excess thirst, feeling fatigue, doing frequent trips to the bathroom for urination, hunger and weight loss, you should see a doctor right away for these are symptoms of high blood sugar levels.

However, if you already know you are diabetic and have been seeing your doctor, just continue doing the usual routine you should do like monitoring your blood glucose. Test strips are used to test your blood glucose levels in blood glucose meters. Blood glucose test strips are one of the components of a diabetes monitoring system. Diabetic test strips are an essential part of monitoring blood glucose.

Americans tend to buy too much stuff and in the end they realize they don’t need a lot of those or for instance, diabetic people buy boxes of diabetic strips and suddenly they stopped working with the new meter. Now what they should do is sell unused diabetic strips. Yes, they can resell those and earn money on unused test strips. As long as the boxes are unopened, unexpired and are new, they are still useful and truly have still value. Please visit the links above on how you can learn to sell yours.


  1. zoan says:

    thanks for sharing, before I got pregnant for my second baby my sugar level rises, so my mom controlled what I eat and drink, but I think I am not diabetic because we don’t have relatives who have that kind of sickness. I am a cheapskate and business minded at the same time, I sell items that I have when I haven’t used it:D kaya magaling na idea ito. ehehehe

  2. Arlene says:

    very informative. it reminds me to have my sugar checked sometime soon. i have no personal stock of these strips and if i have then surely id love to sell them to earn some bucks.

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