Best Extensions Company Working In London

 Hair Additions UK pride themselves on being the best hair extensions company in London.  We only utilize the very finest hair available which is wholly ethically sourced.  The sort of hair we use for the real hair extensions is virgin Russian and European hair, this means that the hair has never been treated or colored, which would naturally lead the hair to become coarser and dryer, which in turn would become less desirable for our purpose. This type of hair replicates our European client’s hair as it is finer in mass and texture cheap brazilian hair, so blends in with the natural hair much better than the Asian hair that is widely available and commonly used. Which hair we use is dependant on the thickness of hair needed.

You may find salons offering the Finest European hair while in truth is in reality using hair that originates from Asia and contains been heavily processed to feed off as European. The other type of hair we use is Silken Tresses fiber, which is the original hair we have used and is loved by our client’s, this would be preferable for certain hairstyles. For your consultation we’re going to pick which form of hair would be suitable for both you and your hairstyle as everyone’s needs vary.

We’ve got over 20 years experience with Extensions. After comprehensive training at a number of London’s top salons, honing and exacting our skills inside the finest cutting, coloring and styling techniques available. We bought those to Antenna, the globe famous salon housed in a 19thcentury stable barn down the middle of Kensington founded by Simon Forbes, who invented fiber hair extensions during the eighties cheap brazilian hair. We have done hairstyles and extensions as diverse as heads of abundant mahogany corkscrew ringlets to long black flowing hair, there wasn’t and isn’t anything we can’t achieve. We make these hairs dreams becoming reality but we do it sympathetically ensuring just the right shades and hair extension methods are employed, so whatever hairstyle you select will likely be wonderfully believable and authentic.