Men’s Wedding Tuxes

It’s the Moment of Truth. You’re wedding day is coming up, and your bride-to-be wants a classic formal event, with all the bells and whistles.

Son, you need to get yourself a wedding tuxedo.


Now, a lot of guys would freak out. They don’t know a darn thing about tuxedos, and they probably have some quaint notion about white-tie-and-tails that dates back to some old Fred Astaire flick they saw on AMC.

You’re not that guy. You’re more of a “James Bond” type. You’re actually stoked about the opportunity to wear a tux and look supersexy in front of your future wife.

You, sir, are on the right track. So what should you look for at the tux store?

If you want an elegant sheen (and you do), get something in black or midnight blue cloth with a touch of mohair.

If you’re going for a classic look, get peaked lapels in black silk satin, with a single-button front (for bigger guys) or a double-breasted front (for thinner dudes).

Big men should go for a ventless jacket. Smaller guys can opt for a cummerbund or waistcoat with a single-button jacket if they’d like to “bulk up” a bit.

Forget about wearing a belt – get yourself some suspenders. A galon stripe on the side of your trousers is always a nice touch. The pockets should be jetted (no flaps) for formal occasions, and your jacket should have a pocket square in traditional white linen (although a dollop of color in silk or linen is A-OK).

Your starched shirt should be white (of course) and pleated with double cuffs and a turn-down collar. The front should be studded, fly, or marcella piqué. Top that off with a black silk bowtie that matches your lapel, which should be adorned with a boutonniere.

Are you starting to freak out a little bit with all these details? Well, calm down, because you’re not finished yet, and it’s all worth it.

Finish the outfit with black over-the-calf pure silk socks (nice) and black plain patent leather oxford shoes.

Remember: Every girl’s crazy `bout a sharp-dressed man! Including your fiancé!

I Am so Exhausted

I don’t feel like doing anything today. I didn’t even care preparing Jadyn to school or packing her lunch. She made me mad and told her to take care of herself for I am not in the mood doing things for her this morning. I am so exhausted, all I want to do is rest, sleep all day, eat and rest again to gain my energy back I lost during the whole week of driving back and forth to school and to the stores almost everyday.

I feel like I have no help around here which is obviously I don’t have any. Sometimes I want to give up because I feel like I am overwhelmed of the tasks I am obliged to do in my life right now. If only I can rest for one week, hopefully I can…. since Jadyn has no school next week for Thanksgiving break.

pBone Plastic Trombone

Both of my girls love using their toy harp and train Thomas and friends whistle as well as those little girly pianos we gave them last Christmas. I can tell they are into music at their young age. To be honest, I don’t know what to shop for them to wrap for Christmas since we are tired of toys all over the floor.

I am thinking a plastic jiggs pbone could be a great gift to either of my girls so they can have a bit of an upgrade of their instrument and at the same time enjoys playing it. They would think it’s just a toy while in fact it’s not, it is real musical instrument that they sure both love to have.

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I Witnessed a Live Car Accident Yesterday

I couldn’t believe what I saw just less than 50 feet from where we were at yesterday. I just left the park near my girl’s school and a car accident just happened. I thanked God for sparing us from that accident because it happened at the intersection where I just turned right in order to get out of that neighborhood and go home.

I was staring at my rear view mirror when a car hit the van in the opposite side of the intersection hitting it head on! I saw how it happened, I heard the loud bang and I saw the damage. Everything was like in slow motion as the car driving to the van’s direction and when the hitting of two front hoods happened all so sudden and quick like somebody hit the fast forward button.

I have seen a few accidents on the road before but unlike the one I saw yesterday, it was live and I witnessed it before my very eyes. Scary, so scary!! Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere so we should pay attention when we drive so no one will get hurt.

Print It and Wear It

The best thing about wearing a custom t-shirt is that you can print anything you want and wear it so other people can see it. It is also the best way to promote new products and services at a lower price instead of using the most expensive media in promoting the business. My personal liking when it comes to wearing a custom t-shirt is funny ones that say about my personality or something that tells my status or where I came from.

I Can Never Stop

I thought I won’t be going to the pharmacy anymore until I have shopped from Kroger today. We ran out of milk since last night so I only bought a gallon of it at CVS this morning thinking that there’ll be a cheaper price of milk at Kroger but there was none so I didn’t buy one.

I am thinking the CVS price is a lot cheaper right now since it’s on sale so might as well buy 3 or 4 gallons tomorrow. That also the reason why I should go there right after dropping off Jadyn in school. Another reason is to buy more diapers for the little one using my husband’s extracare card for mine has reached its limit. I am excited I tell you because I got tons of coupons to use for the diaper. Hopefully I can just pay out of pocket for $6. We shall see if my calculation is right.

Need Help?

Part of putting up a business is losing some money and learning from it. Eventually the business owner would learn ways or strategies how to get back on his feet and start all over again. In the world of business, losing the capital and gaining profits are so natural and part of it.

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My Everyday Routine

Everybody knows I am a busy mom to two girls. I got even more busier when my first born started schooling last late Summer. Everyday my routine would be, waking up early to prepare breakfast and lunch for the student, getting the kids ready to go out, drive to school, visit CVS pharmacy almost everyday for deals, do grocery shopping, come home, do my online stuff this include blogging, Facebooking and selling some of my stuff then four hours later go back to school and pick up the student. I can only rest at night when it’s bed time. And on weekends, I do my household chores and rarely do some fun things like going to the mall.

That is pretty much my life here in case you are wondering how Anne is doing. I am glad you passed by here and read this because I would really want to keep in touch with you even just through my blogs, lol.

Advice for Renting a Tux for Your Prom

Your prom night is one of the most important nights of your high-school career. It’s a night you will remember for many years to come — and it will be immortalized in photos long after that. What you wear is an important part of the night.

To ensure you create a memory-making look, there are a few things you should do when you rent your tuxedo. Here are a few tips:

Get Fitted 3 to 4 Weeks Out

Don’t wait until the last minute to find the tux that’s right for you. When you rent a tux, you don’t just grab one off the rack. You get a tux that’s designed for your measurements. You will need to be fitted in the store to make sure your tux fits your properly for a tailored look. Make sure you allocate enough time for this fitting so you aren’t left with a tux that’s too baggy or too tight, creating a sloppy look.

Try On a Variety of Cuts

Different styles of jackets, pants, vests, and more will create a totally different look. Experiment with different looks by trying on a variety of cuts in the store. Though your final tux will be altered for your specific measurements, you can get a sense of what styles will look good on your particular body type by trying out the different cuts in the store.

Get a Final Fitting

Mistakes can be made in taking your original measurements, and variations in the cloth can create discrepancies in the fit. Make sure you come in for a final fitting a few days before prom to leave enough time for any alterations that need to be made. These minor alterations are usually included in the cost of your tux rental.

Follow these steps for renting your prom tux, and you’ll be sure to have a photo-worthy tux that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

I Voted for US President for the First Time

Just before November 6,  I cast my early vote at the local voting center. It was indeed a historical thing to do since it was my first time to vote for US President and he did not win. I have voted once or twice locally before but not as big as putting a person in the oval office to lead the country.

Anyhow, hoping for a much better term in the next four years for the current President they voted for. Whatever his decisions are, God will enlighten his mind so that he may make the right decision for the goodness and sake for Americans.