Advice for Renting a Tux for Your Prom

Your prom night is one of the most important nights of your high-school career. It’s a night you will remember for many years to come — and it will be immortalized in photos long after that. What you wear is an important part of the night.

To ensure you create a memory-making look, there are a few things you should do when you rent your tuxedo. Here are a few tips:

Get Fitted 3 to 4 Weeks Out

Don’t wait until the last minute to find the tux that’s right for you. When you rent a tux, you don’t just grab one off the rack. You get a tux that’s designed for your measurements. You will need to be fitted in the store to make sure your tux fits your properly for a tailored look. Make sure you allocate enough time for this fitting so you aren’t left with a tux that’s too baggy or too tight, creating a sloppy look.

Try On a Variety of Cuts

Different styles of jackets, pants, vests, and more will create a totally different look. Experiment with different looks by trying on a variety of cuts in the store. Though your final tux will be altered for your specific measurements, you can get a sense of what styles will look good on your particular body type by trying out the different cuts in the store.

Get a Final Fitting

Mistakes can be made in taking your original measurements, and variations in the cloth can create discrepancies in the fit. Make sure you come in for a final fitting a few days before prom to leave enough time for any alterations that need to be made. These minor alterations are usually included in the cost of your tux rental.

Follow these steps for renting your prom tux, and you’ll be sure to have a photo-worthy tux that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.