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Although I consider myself a superwoman (for I never thought I could do impossible things before I had kids), I also get overwhelmed of the obligations I am faced everyday. Sometimes I wished I could have a day off and be myself, do things for myself and most of all a very long rest is what I need.

I missed how it is to be bored, to be honest. ┬áHohohoho yes, that’s how busy my life now. Having two kids with little to no help around is just overwhelmingly exhausting. I wonder how other women manage to have more than two kids and they have a part time job. I don’t think I can even do that.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Durham, NC

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Raining with Tasks and I Am Blessed

My week started out kinda hmmm boring, lonely and so quiet in the blogging world. I worried that I may not be getting anymore tasks to do or something that makes money come into my Paypal account. There is no hope in selling my clothes either so I was hopeless……… and then suddenly the world became alive when a sudden eye-widening tasks came flooding in my dashboard! That made my and every blogger’s day!

Now I gotta put my hands and brain to work so I could finish all of these blessings before cut off! Thank You, Lord for always being so nice to me even though I’m a sinner. I certainly am blessed.

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