College Student’s Second Home

I may be guessing but I know most college students have to go farther away from their parents home just so they can attend their college education and pursue their dream. This is what the majority do. They rent a college dorm and stay there until they are done or perhaps a few years. With that being said, their dorm room will become their second home apart from their real home where they grew up and parents live.

Since they sleep, study and spend their time after classes at their dorm rooms, it is just a good idea to beautify their dorm rooms so they feel at home, comfortable and adding a personal touch to it could ease their homesickness. When shopping for dorm rooms & decor, let your college student choose their own decor and other stuff they like so they will be happy of the outcome of their dorm rooms. One of the best wall decor they can hang on the their walls are from Spencer’s.

Right now they offer a buy one get one 50% off. I browse for their posters and there are tons of hilarious funny and unique posters to choose from that your grown college kids will love to shop. There are posters that real colorful which is appropriate to enhance their mood when they feel down or something brought by being separated from their parents and being away from home.


Indeed Challenging

“A home-based business may turn out to be far more challenging than you expected. There is likely to be a lot more physical work involved in a home business or renovation project than you planned for, and it will be important for you to be careful with sharp tools.”

That is my horoscope for today on Facebook. It somehow collaborate with my current situation wherein my business takes me to the point of quitting. I still have a lot of stuff need to be sold but for some reason it feels like all the good buyers on Facebook groups I joined in are in hibernation or maybe because of the holidays they slowed down buying online?

Sales are so low these days and I can tell, time has changed when I started selling my used stuff three months ago. I sold them quickly just minutes after posting them on Facebook and now it takes weeks before I could sell a single item. What the heck?

Anyways, I just put in my mind, while I’m still alive there is hope, lol. I know if I will just post my items regularly, seriously comment on each of them whenever I am on the computer, eventually I can sell them…