I Got a Red Light Ticket

Shocks! When I checked the mail this afternoon and actually saw the white envelope with a TRAFFIC word in it, I was hoping that it was from the husband’s that they kept sending to us months ago so I didn’t bother to open it instead put it on his desk. Just a few moments ago, the husband called me and brought that paper on my desk only to find out that it was me caught on camera running a red light two weeks ago.

They caught me alright, I can’t lie because of the photos and a video which obviously was my fault. I was trying to go home and so driving fast as I could trying to beat the light. It is going to be $75 wasted. That is so painful knowing that we give them money for one stupid mistake I’ve done. But what can I do? I’ve done it, it already happened and just pay for the fine, I guess? I’m embarrassed of myself.

Next time I will try to be very careful even if I am itching to go home. Honestly, there are times when I drive and I am pissed. If I am pissed, I tend to drive fast as if I get relieved if I do that. Does that happen to you too, drivers out there?

Pro Tools on Sale

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Task Expired for the First Time

Of my blogging of six years, I experienced for the first time in history to actually let go of the task. It expired yesterday. I was going to do it today but it is gone in my dashboard. It was only $5 but I feel bad about forgetting it completely. It is not so me getting my tasks expired for I always made sure I do them even before the set deadline. How embarrassing.

I knew in my mind that I had no plan of letting that task to expire, it is just that I got so busy yesterday that I couldn’t sit on the computer although I got on the internet from time to time on my mobile phone. But you know, mobile phones have limited things you can do ¬†with it…or I may just have to have a lot of practice and get used to using the phone for blogging?

Best Viewed When Mounted to the Wall

I now understand why the husband had to mount the t.v on the wall for we get a better viewing of the t.v like that. He did the mounting all by himself and bought several premier wall mounts and worked on it for two days. If he was a wimp, he would have called somebody and pay for the service for a good amount of money. Thank God for the husband knows some simple things in the house that enabled him to save money.

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