The Oldest Person I Met

I feel honored to have met the oldest person alive and she is our neighbor from across the street. Meet Anese, 99 years old who at her age still shows sophistication and class. She is obviously from a well-to-do family and had a good job earlier in her life. She is also a well-traveled woman, according to her. She will be 100 years old this December. That is just so amazing to know her personally.

She lives in her own home independently although she has a caregiver and a nurse come by her house and check on her. Some relatives and friends visit her to bring some goodies and groceries. Her daughter Laurese that lives in Missouri drives 16 hours to visit her mother occasionally. Knowing that she has all these people that care about her, you can tell that she is a nice woman.

My two grandmothers are still alive but they are only both 85 years old, my former father in-law was only 77 years old when he died. You see, it is not every day we can meet people who live for long years and for that makes me want to wish to live longer like our neighbor too.

How about you readers out there? What is the oldest person you know/met in your life?

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