I Need to Buy Him a New Wallet

I feel a bit embarrassed inside for giving my husband a cheap wallet less than a year ago. I know him, he goes for quality and doesn’t mind paying the right price for an item as long as it is made of good quality and could last for a long time. As a savvy shopper I am,  I bought him a cheap wallet, Van Heusin brand from Tanga and thought it was a handcrafted genuine leather wallet. Well it could be a genuine wallet but the stitching on the sides and in the center of the wallet is falling apart.

I am itching to go to the Mall and buy those big brand names wallet and see if they last as they are intended to be. Next time, I should not be fooled of the price much more of the unknown brands for they often disappoint you. Lesson learn, don’t buy your husband cheap stuff. If they are special to you, you should also be willing to invest on a more quality items so to keep yourself from embarrassment. I should be, although my husband is not commenting or complaining about his current wallet falling apart.