Explaining the Car Problem to Your Garage

When you take your car to the garage, like Ramy’s Garage, how do you explain the problem with your car to the auto mechanic? This is not always an easy thing to do. Sometimes the trouble is simple, such as overheating. You can easily tell the mechanic that, after driving a short distance, the engine becomes hot and radiator fluid begins to boil and spew out from under the hood of the car. However, sometimes the trouble is simply a noise that has you concerned. That is not as easy to explain.

Really Pay Attention to the Noise

If you are going to go to the auto repair shop with your car, take the time to listen to the noises your car is making. Roll down the windows and try to pinpoint where on the car the noise is coming from. Perhaps have someone else ride with you, or even stand on the side of the road as you drive by so your friends can help you pinpoint the noise. You can also talk with your friends and neighbors about the noise on your car and ask them to help you determine what it sounds like.

Look for Additional Signs

Another thing you can do before taking your car into a garage is to look for any additional signs from your car that may help the mechanic understand what is wrong. For example, look for warning lights on the car. Warning lights are a great sign to have because that will tell the mechanic exactly where to look for the problem.

Keep an Open Mind

Some people will close their mind off to any suggestion of what the issue is because they are certain they know what the problem is with their car. However, this can lead to longer diagnosis times at the garage, such as Ramy’s Garage. When a customer is insistent on what they believe the problem to be, most mechanics will start there. However, it is better to describe the noises, symptoms, and signals that have been gathered, and let the auto mechanic figure out what is wrong with your car. This will save time and frustration. Remember, the auto mechanic is the expert.