Complete Your Medical Kits Efficiently

You should be able to quickly and efficiently complete your medical kits. In order to make the most out of your time and budget you don’t want to order supplies that you do not need, spending needless amounts of money on things that are unnecessary. The best thing that you can do is to order from a company such as Red Cell Medical Supply or other such Internet sites for specific, individual pieces needed to put together medical kits. Some of the necessary medical pieces that you can find will be discussed in this article.

These small parts work as connectors between the syringe with the needle or with an adapter to enable the successful transmission of liquid medicine or compounds without any leakage loss. Some luers that may be purchased individually on the Internet include the following:
Male luers
Female luers
Spin luers
Luer locks

Pressure Tubing
Pressure tubing is designed to carry fluids, air, and other gases under higher-than-normal atmospheric pressure. Besides the actual tubing that is needed in a variety of medical situations, there are supplies like connectors that go along with the tubing that need to be purchased. Some of the connectors that may be purchased include the following:
Male connector, thin wall, red, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Male connector, thin wall, yellow, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Rotator assembly, clear, high pressure tubing
Rotator assembly, braided high pressure tubing
Connector, thin wall, clear pressure tubing, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
Connector, luer, female, winged, tubing pocket, .109 dia.
10 inch clear high-pressure tubing, with rotator
2 port manifold, horizontal mount, 3-way off-handle with all female port
And much more

Flush Devices
Finally, you can also get flush devices from multiple sites on the Internet, such as Red Cell Medical Supply and other supply companies. Some of the flush device supplies you can purchase include the following:
INTRAFLO, 60 inches pressure tubing 3 mL/hr
Squeeze flush, 3mL
Squeeze flush, “T”, 3mL, new clip
INTRAFLO, 1 port, 3mL laser drilled
INTRAFLO, 2 port, 3mL, laser drilled
Squeeze flush, 3mL, (for Japan only)
Squeeze flush, 30mL
And many more