An Hour of Extra Sleep

Since we send J to school, I feel like I always lack of sleep. Waking up early everyday is hard for me but what choice do I have? It is my obligation to prepare my kid to school, pack her lunch and make sure she is clean and dressed up for school. I am glad US has turned its clock an hour back so we get that much needed extra hour of sleep. It just feels good to know that.

Every morning when I drop my student to school and it is still very dark to drive, I can’t help but chuckle because I feel like we are going there too early at dawn. I can best compare the time in the Philippines as 5 o’clock while in fact, it’s 7 in the US because, as I said, the sun isn’t up yet and we’re on the road already for school. Hopefully tomorrow, it wouldn’t be as dark as the past weeks that made it hard for me to get up and go to the kitchen to do something and then hit the road.