What Your $5 Can Buy! Please Donate

There are many ways how you can donate. If you are on Facebook, Mark set up a bar above your page how you can donate to American Red Cross to donate to my fellow Filipinos in the Philippines! Please help!

 photo donate_zps8b1b566b.jpg photo house_zpsfc8293f5.jpg
The house of my good friend joy which her parents and some bro and sister lived here.Her niece was crying because it makes her sad that her grandma and grandpa’s house was hit by TYPHOON YOLANDA.They are one of the thousands of victims of that super TYPHOON that hit Daanbatayan Cebu,Philippines.I’m asking help from facebook friends.Pls message me if you want to help.Your ONE DOLLAR donation can make a difference to her family and friends.Thanks and God bless you..Sa mga datu dha pangshare pod mo gamay pra sa akoang pinalanggang amiga. PHOTO NOT MINE, POSTED BY FEM KELLY on Facebook!