Keeping my Weight Under 95 Pounds

The only thing I can do at least for myself to boost self-esteem is to keep my weight under 95 lbs. I am 5’1″ in height and currently weighs 93 or sometimes 92.8 in the mornings. I am happy with that but I wish I can do more in my midsection. Although it is not bulging but it is soft like jelly.

I tried some abs exercises weeks ago and stopped due to the lack of energy at the end of the day and busy schedule juggling my household chores, motherhood, online tasks and couponing. I almost have no energy left to do that anymore. I know I can do it if I don’t have any excuses but geeezzz I look skinny compared to those who got two children just like me. Anyway, I am happy of my current weight, if I lose some more pounds… that would be great too.

 photo 1441553_10152367658344517_841221599_n1_zps45f83266.jpg

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  1. Forsythea says:

    Hala kasuya ba nako anang below 95 lbs oy! Ako ani gaburot ang agi!!!! Next year ani balyena na gyud ko! simbako lang intawn! Dali raman unta ko nihuyos paghuman nako panganak pero paghuman nako ug breastfeed ning burot ko ug maayo nya lisud na kayo tangtangon! I’m gonna have to make an extra effort to lose weight! kudos to you dai for keeping your weight down! You make it look so easy!!!

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