Lunch Date with My Friend

Going out alone without my kids doesn’t happen too often and when it does, I am thankful. My husband is off and look after our girls while I was gone. He fed them lunch and kept them happy while I was out there enjoying myself. Thanks to him!

Don’t we mommies need a break even just an hour or two? I firmly believe that we need that much needed break for ourselves too without having any children around us.

Today, I had a chance to hangout with my girl friend even though the weather is nasty, cold and wet. We headed to the Filipino buffet restaurant for lunch first then from there, we took a quick walk at the outlet store nearby. It feels refreshing to be able to just go out without worrying or looking after your child, isn’t it? Not that I am selfish, but hey moms need a day off too! Right?

I got back home and both of the girls were asleep. The big sister asked about me and wanted to come but she is sick and couldn’t afford to stress her and be in a cold weather while she is not feeling well. When they were awake, they were happy to see mommy home, what a nice feeling that was being missed by the children.

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