Working on Thanksgiving Day

It’s one of the biggest Holidays in the US today, Thanksgiving day! My husband is not home. He is out there working. Although he gets double pay working during the Holidays but wouldn’t it be nice to have him home on Holidays like this? I am working too even though I am home with the kids for I am here sitting down on my computer finishing off my online tasks and updating my blogs. It is too normal here having a policeman husband. If the day of the Holiday falls on his working days, then he must go to work. I too, if I have tasks to do, I do them instead of just sitting all day watching t.v.

It is America’s tradition to cook turkey on Thanksgiving but that seems to not exist in our house. Of my 7 years here in America, I never prepare or cook turkey because turkey is a big piece of meat and we have a small family… whose gonna end up eating all of the meat? It’s just me and the husband.

There is no family or relatives around here, so why bother cooking? What I would do this afternoon, instead of turkey, I would just bake a pork belly meat which I already boiled and tenderized, boil some sweet corn kernels, steam some broccoli florets and voila! We will have a simple dinner. Not really a special dinner but at least it can fill our hungry stomach.