Christmas is a Time of Giving

My husband had recently talked to the woman crossing guard in our child’s school and we learned that she lost her son to cancer a few weeks ago. That is so sad to hear for the fact that Christmas is coming. We walk pass by this woman everyday and she always has her smile on her face that greeted us early morning.

Behind those smiles of her, we didn’t know the pain and sorrows she endure for losing a family member, much more a son. Although she didn’t talk about living with a husband or anybody, I feel the loneliness she keep inside. So what we did is, give her a custom Christmas card and a little gift for her to use for a few months.

I do have a couple stocks of lotions, conditioners and shampoos from  my couponing and so I shared some to her. I hope that the little gift we sent to her would tell her a message that we thought and care about her in this Christmas season. God bless her and give her strength to continue living! Looking forward to see her again once school resumes next year!

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