I Gathered My Family for Christmas Lunch

As always, in every occasion, there’s always just the four of us. Our Christmas day started out good. The big girl was all shocked and joyous when she saw all those wrapped presents under the tree. She really believed Santa came and dropped those for them.

At one o’clock, I gathered my family to sit down and shared our lunch together. The celebration was simple, no one said a thank You prayer but I did silently, in my heart and in my mind. I am thankful that despite of the distance I am separated from my Filipino family, yet God blessed me with my own family to celebrate His birthday with. I couldn’t be more thankful for the grace, joy, gift of marriage, love and unity that Christmas season brings.

Here’s a small feast I prepared for us. Unfortunately, both of our girls didn’t eat well. I wished they could have eaten half of what they put in their plate… it was just me and my husband who ate good… even though he is sick, he still showed appetite to the foods.

So, generally, that’s how we spent our Christmas. How was yours? Did you spend it with your family, relatives or friends? Tell me about it!

 photo fam1_zps22e07717.jpg

 photo fam_zps5bf928bc.jpg