Blessed with Tasks

I am a blogger and I mainly depend on paid tasks I receive from different paid blogging companies. It has been slow since December but I am keeping the faith that blogging is going to pick up anytime soon. My blogging income goes to my family in the Philippines, pay some of my credit I owe from the bank card, personal shopping and cash savings.

This week I feel blessed to have been rained on with tasks, thanks to that! But, the company keeps delaying our pay so when it arrives, it goes directly to my ever growing credit, lol. What choice do I have instead wait patiently for I know time will come, things will get better.

According to my Chinese horoscope, this year is better than last year. We shall see as months go by. I truly hope there is a difference this year because I am planning of visiting the Philippines next year and so saving some money should start now!

Oh They Are So Cute!!

I looked at these pork pie drums at Guitar Center for I have no idea what they are at first but then after seeing several photos of them on the internet, I found them to be so cute! The cutest of all that I like is the pork pie big boy bicycle throne. Gosh! If there is a toy version of this one and is cheaper in price, I could probably gift my girls with it. Having my girls to play a drum or any musical instrument would be a wish come true for me since neither of their parents play a single instrument.

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Bonding with the Originals

In our lives, we meet people along the way. Some don’t last for long, others don’t make it to our future. There are also a few ones who stay and make our lives more fun and colorful. We call them friends. I have several of those here in North Texas that I consider family.

Last weekend I bonded with my friends, or shall I say the “originals”. Why the name if you are curious? Because they were the first ones I got to hang out and met before I even came here then we became so closed throughout the years. On the right side, first photo below is Annie, we met through an online dating site before when we were still both in the Philippines. We both were lucky for we found our man in the same area (Dallas- Fort Worth area). Not really close but close enough to drive to where she is and hang out once in a while.

The lady on the left side of the photo is Irish, she is Annie’s sister. And became my friend too. The other one in the second photo to my right is Sheryl, she came from the same island as I am, Lapu-Lapu City. We met online too and luckily she married to someone from the same city as my husband. There is another lady that belong to our “circle of friends” relocated to Utah but she occasionally visits Texas, when she does, we make sure we all hangout together. She is not in the picture because she flew to the Philippines so there were just the four of us.

As years go by, I feel our friendship ┬áhave gotten stronger. We have been friends for at least maybe 7 or 8 years… I remember those days when we hanged out together not having any kid in tow with us… now we still share the same bonding but this time is even more exciting for the four of us have our kids (all girls, by the way) now… and our kids have become good friends as well. How great is that? I feel blessed to have these kind of friends in this cold lonely country. We all speak the same language and yes, we do have a lot of things in common which may be the factor of our ever growing friendship we share together.

 photo us_zpscd327dee.jpg
 photo 1579947_10152556853939517_580632726_n_zps489aac75.jpg

Gibson Les Paul Guitars

Beautiful Gibson Les Paul at guitar center, if you take a look at this guitar, you are looking at a gorgeous piece of an instrument that is crafted at Gibson’s Nashville factory, offering quality, American-made instruments that only get better with years of playing. A really nice thing to own and possess. Any guitar player would love to have it. Check out the link above and tell me if you don’t fall in love with their guitars boasting an array of classic and modern models spanning more than five decades of music styles and influencing countless musicians and fans alike

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Bonding with Filipinas at a Filipino Buffet Restaurant

This is a late post. I have been feeling lazy to update my blogs lately due to the lack of tasks or opportunities. Here are photos of me and Janine and the new acquaintance Jenny taken last Sunday, January 12,2013. It is like a vacation for me when I get to hang out with Filipinas in DFW area with only one kid in tow. I think all mommies can relate with me that we also need a time to break and be away from the house for just a few hours.

Our original plan was to have lunch at a Korean restaurant nearby but it was closed so we went 23 minutes away and our feet brought us to Oriental Manila Filipino buffet restaurant. I am glad we changed plan for both of the girls have enjoyed the lunch, it was their first time to have dined in at Oriental Manila. Since the restaurant is just a couple steps away from the big Asian market, we then shopped for Filipino groceries, fish and other stuff in Hongkong Market.

Both of the girls got so excited when they found out that malunggay leaves were available at the store. Janine said, the 45-minutes drive to hangout with me and Jenny was worth it for she brought home malunggay leaves, haha. Malunggay leaves are sold at a high price here but despite of the price, we still buy them just so we can have a “taste of home” in our plate.

Malunggay is an ordinary leafy vegetable available elsewhere back home but here in America, it is golden and precious for these leaves are hard to find. I am just lucky I am not so far from the Asian market where there is malunggay.

 photo kami_zps7697dd9f.jpg
……. so long that I did not see Janine in person, maybe 4 years ago was the last time, haha. So when she asked me that she wanted to hangout with me, I did not refuse. In fact, I took the opportunity to go out since she drove down here in Fort Worth plus she PICKED ME up from our house and drove to the Asian market. How lucky!
 photo kami2_zps5b98f0d9.jpg
… photo below is of me (left) and Janine after having a heavy meal. Proud Filipinas in Texas here lang ang peg posing with the Philippine flag in the background.
 photo kami3_zps8470c551.jpg

Cute Tablet Case

I happen to stumble upon this website called just a few seconds ago and the first thing that caught my attention are their cute Paws N Claws tablet cases. I can’t help but admire their cases, they are unique, attractive and there are for choices for the tablet. One example embedded below taken from their website. Tell me if you don’t find it cute? Unfortunately, it is a wholesaler website so I cannot buy one for my firstborn’s tablet. I may just have to find it elsewhere though because I can’t buy in bulk, what am I going to do with them?

 photo case_zps53966a26.png

I Gained 4 Pounds After the Holiday

This was my weight (photo below) before the Holiday after months of less rice and “after 6”. But then when the Holiday came, I had my fair reason to eat a lot with rice! Amazing how fast I can put on weight for just a short period of time, a total 4 pounds I gained and it stays with me until I do something about it.

Losing weight is easy but it is a bit painful to me for I suffer tummy ache when I do my “after 6” method. I am still considered to be skinny by other people here but my midsection is my concern. It is bulging and making folds when I sit down or do a slouchy position although it is not obvious when I have a dress or top on. But it’s there, jelly and wiggly when I try to move fast do a sudden move, haha. Underneath a woman’s cloth, there lies her sacred “fats”. But duh, I am not too worried about it, I am making money using my brain, NOT my body so who cares?

 photo 90_zps3cf9683a.jpg

Lawyers to Represent Us

The number one role of hiring a lawyer is to represent our case and or defend us. So searching for a good lawyer isn’t easy. Nowadays, we can pretty much rely on referral from someone we know or read a lawyer’s review or history so that we can have at least a bit of idea what kind of lawyer that is going to represent us. If you live in the Raleigh area, you can try searching for lawyers in raleigh nc on the link. Good luck in winning your case.

I am Feeling the New Year Blues!

For seven years of living in this country, one thing is for sure that I can never get used to, is the feeling of being lonely during major Holidays like birthdays, Christmas and New Years! I have been battling this feeling for years, although I may not say it so often but it hit me big time whenever these Holidays come.

My husband and kids were born here so I am pretty much alone in this battle every year. They can never relate with me or understand me unless of course they were born in other countries. Things are so different here. You know the feeling when you have no family or friends around to celebrate it with? Nowhere to go, you wanted to go out but you don’t know where exactly you want to go? My social life is pretty much dead. Life in this country is sooooooo boring! This is not the life I grew up with. This is not how I am used to celebrating these occasions.

I wish my husband was outgoing so at least I can divert my attention and have fun once in a while, but no… he is just happy to stay in the house. I’m not.

I missed hanging out with my old friends, I missed my little brother and sister, I missed to just sit down and laugh with my friends and just be me! I am very jealous looking at those pictures shared on Facebook, the food they prepared for Noche Buena, the sincere smiles on their faces, the fireworks and all, they don’t have much there but they have all the joys painted on their faces as they celebrate Christmas and welcoming the New Year. What about me? Well, I just sat on a chair, on the computer, so lonely, feeling the New Year like an ordinary day! Sucks, ain’t it?

Last time I spent Christmas and New Year with my Filipino family was last 2010, it was unbelievable and I don’t know when I will be able to do that again… it was the last Christmas I have seen my father alive… I want to go home forever and never come back.

I have seen what America is like, I have experienced what life in America is so if I can go back to the Philippines for good, I’ll be happy. Only if I can have my own place, live a peaceful and convenient/comfortable life alone, away from the chaotic and crazy people (people who contribute nothing but trouble into my and mother’s mind)… then I’ll be happy living in the Philippines again…

Duh, just venting out exactly how I feel right now, ranting my New Year blues! It is not a good way to start my year I know but I am just being transparent of the way I feel… Being homesick is my greatest enemy in this country. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and girls, most of the time I am loving my days here, living life the way I pictured out 10 years ago but I can’t help feeling homesick around this time of the year!