I Gained 4 Pounds After the Holiday

This was my weight (photo below) before the Holiday after months of less rice and “after 6”. But then when the Holiday came, I had my fair reason to eat a lot with rice! Amazing how fast I can put on weight for just a short period of time, a total 4 pounds I gained and it stays with me until I do something about it.

Losing weight is easy but it is a bit painful to me for I suffer tummy ache when I do my “after 6” method. I am still considered to be skinny by other people here but my midsection is my concern. It is bulging and making folds when I sit down or do a slouchy position although it is not obvious when I have a dress or top on. But it’s there, jelly and wiggly when I try to move fast do a sudden move, haha. Underneath a woman’s cloth, there lies her sacred “fats”. But duh, I am not too worried about it, I am making money using my brain, NOT my body so who cares?

 photo 90_zps3cf9683a.jpg