Bonding with the Originals

In our lives, we meet people along the way. Some don’t last for long, others don’t make it to our future. There are also a few ones who stay and make our lives more fun and colorful. We call them friends. I have several of those here in North Texas that I consider family.

Last weekend I bonded with my friends, or shall I say the “originals”. Why the name if you are curious? Because they were the first ones I got to hang out and met before I even came here then we became so closed throughout the years. On the right side, first photo below is Annie, we met through an online dating site before when we were still both in the Philippines. We both were lucky for we found our man in the same area (Dallas- Fort Worth area). Not really close but close enough to drive to where she is and hang out once in a while.

The lady on the left side of the photo is Irish, she is Annie’s sister. And became my friend too. The other one in the second photo to my right is Sheryl, she came from the same island as I am, Lapu-Lapu City. We met online too and luckily she married to someone from the same city as my husband. There is another lady that belong to our “circle of friends” relocated to Utah but she occasionally visits Texas, when she does, we make sure we all hangout together. She is not in the picture because she flew to the Philippines so there were just the four of us.

As years go by, I feel our friendship ┬áhave gotten stronger. We have been friends for at least maybe 7 or 8 years… I remember those days when we hanged out together not having any kid in tow with us… now we still share the same bonding but this time is even more exciting for the four of us have our kids (all girls, by the way) now… and our kids have become good friends as well. How great is that? I feel blessed to have these kind of friends in this cold lonely country. We all speak the same language and yes, we do have a lot of things in common which may be the factor of our ever growing friendship we share together.

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  1. Jan April says:

    True friends are always Golden – especially the ones that stood throughout the years.

    Glade to be here.

    I just opened my blog. Hope you’ll get to visit mine.

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