Blessed with Tasks

I am a blogger and I mainly depend on paid tasks I receive from different paid blogging companies. It has been slow since December but I am keeping the faith that blogging is going to pick up anytime soon. My blogging income goes to my family in the Philippines, pay some of my credit I owe from the bank card, personal shopping and cash savings.

This week I feel blessed to have been rained on with tasks, thanks to that! But, the company keeps delaying our pay so when it arrives, it goes directly to my ever growing credit, lol. What choice do I have instead wait patiently for I know time will come, things will get better.

According to my Chinese horoscope, this year is better than last year. We shall see as months go by. I truly hope there is a difference this year because I am planning of visiting the Philippines next year and so saving some money should start now!

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  1. Jan April says:

    Same here. I wanna go visit Pinas this year. *Kayud Mode* napud. What blogging companies are u affiliated with? I used to have a lot of tasks with Blogsvertise before but now I’m zero task.. hehe

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