My Plan for the Whole Week

I have a plan for the entire week, not to spend any money until we get to the weekend! I shall see if I can do it. This is just to save myself from guilt. Although I have been careful not to buy unnecessary things yet I felt I was not doing good enough in saving some money.

I received a message from my little sister on Facebook, hinting me for financial help. I would really love not to skip sending their allowance but money is a bit tight these days. My blogging is crawling slowly that I feel like I have to sacrifice a bit of personal shopping in the coming days.

We have done our grocery shopping yesterday so there is no reason for me to be going out to the store (the weather greatly helps, it is cold and for the rest of the week, with that said, it makes me feel lazy to drive around). I might even have to skip my couponing to avoid picking up stuff that we don’t need although there is an item that I can get for free with the use of a manufacturer’s ¬†and store coupons.

I am really crossing fingers if I can stick to my plan. I know there is a will if I really want to save my money. Why am I talking all these? Because, I have a goal… and my goal is going to the Philippines next year and I should start saving some cash as early as in NOW!

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