I’m Worn Out

Mr.Sun was out at ┬álast. For days we had such gloomy, wet and freezing temperatures here. When our days are like that, I don’t want to do anything in the house. My chores were left behind especially sweeping off the dust and crumbs on the rugs and floor. I kept delaying them because we don’t have enough lighting in the living room and there is no sense cleaning the floor in the dark.

Today, I finally was able to do all that and now our house is straight and clean. I started at 10 in the morning by cleaning the two bathrooms. Doing those took me at least 45 minutes or more then didn’t waste a second proceeded to dusting off the furniture, picking up small pieces of toys off the floor, cleaning the couch, vacuuming the rugs, sweeping the living room and kitchen floors and the hardest job ever is mopping the entire floor that makes me catch my breath which I had to do last. I worked least 5 hours doing my chores!

Huh, life of a housewife. It is 8:19 in the evening as of this writing and I feel like going to bed already. I am so worn out. There are a few dishes waiting in the sink for me but heck, I am not doing any more chores for tonight. I am done!