Package Was Stolen from Our Mailbox

“What goes around, comes around”. Bad karma will haunt those who do bad to other people. I am upset because of the lost package last Tuesday. It is still hard to believe that I lost at least 7 stabs of birth control pills that I especially ordered from the Philippines.

I thought it was weird to find out that our mailbox’s cover was wide open when I went out there to get our mails last Tuesday. The mailman never leave the mailbox open but that day it was just strange. A few minutes later, my friend who sent the package sent me a message that I should expect the package to arrive on that day, she even sent me a copy of delivery mail confirmation on Facebook. Dang! It was stolen.

I don’t understand how can someone be so cruel. The thief stole my package which he didn’t pay for. He did it in a broad daylight, such a scumbag! He thought that something special was in the package. I paid good money for my birth control pills and to think that someone just took it just like that? I am beyond pissed right now.

Sparkling Rose Violin

I am on a music online store right now just randomly browsing on things until I came across to this very beautiful feminine violin in sparkling rose. It is so beautiful that I wish I know how to play the violin so I can buy it. Wanting to know where to buy violin stores? Click on the link and then you can see this exact model I am talking about, it is called a Cremona SV-75RS Premier Novice Series Sparkling Rose Violin Outfit. You gotta see how beautiful it is!

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