Happy National Siblings Day!

If it wasn’t of Facebook I would have not known that today is a National Siblings Day celebration. Here’s my family photos for today’s occasion. Photos 1 and 2 are pretty much the same, only we took
turns by the photographer to ensure everybody is in the picture.

These were taken last November 2,2011 in our house in Cebu, Philippines. They were by the way when me and my firstborn about to go to the airport for departure. My father wasn’t in the picture and wouldn’t be anymore for he went to Heaven with the Lord.

In fact, the purpose of my travel at that time was to attend his wake and funeral. Sad huh, yes it was! Looking at these photo makes me thankful for the “pasaway” family I have back in the Philippines for they are the reason to come home to every two years.

 photo siblings_zpsc5220357.jpg

 photo siblings2_zps288a7930.jpg