An Hour Wait at the Doctor’s Office is Not Fun

We had our pedia visit for our firstborn yesterday after such a long time for not visiting that office. We brought the firstborn there due to her skin allergies that are worrisome. She got really dry skin, bluish-purple color around her eyes and complaints from skin being painful when red rashes appear.

We were scheduled to be there at 11:50 and didn’t see the doctor after over an hour wait for a ten-minute check up and evaluation of her skin. Yes, it is that painful to visit Fort Worth Pediatrics nowadays. We were getting impatient in the little room to the point of saying the words, “it takes forever to wait!” My firstborn said. I repeated those words and guess, the pedia overheard that from the other room because he told me the same when he finally came in.

Going to the doctor’s office is what I dread most, you have to wait for long hours before you get entertained. That is why as much as possible, I try to avoid going to those kind of places. The only health-related appointment I look forward to is the dentist’s office for they are always right on time and have┬ávery friendly staff.