I’m Looking for a Filipina in Fort Worth

I have been living in Fort Worth, TX for over eight years now but the title of this entry doesn’t seem to suit me. Some of you might wonder, why? After 8 years I still haven’t found a Filipina? That is not the case. I know a number of Filipinas (I can’t count how many) in the DFW , around and near my area. In fact, I got one who is just four blocks away from our house but the problem is, she is busy. She is working and I am not.

I guess, what I am looking for is someone who is a stay-at-home mommy like me whom I can hang out with sometimes. There was this Filipina I met abruptly at a laundry mat in McCart Avenue last Saturday who have just been here for three months. That was a very brief conversation we made and I regret I didn’t even ask her name, or if she has a Facebook. If only I knew her name, I could very well search for her on the internet… if only… if only…

I did ask her phone number though but she refused to give it to me for she doesn’t memorize the whole thing yet, which is understandable for me. I gave her my number but until now she hasn’t called me. I am waiting for that very call from her and begin knowing her once that is being made.

I plan of going back to that same laundry place this weekend again in the hope of seeing her and her kids there. If not, then we’re not meant to be friends, haha.

But anyway, little did I know that I wished a while back to find a new Filipina in this area so that I can have someone to hang out with, somehow, God heard that but the chance slipped through my finger. Crossing my fingers that I could see her again, hohohoho. Or if not, she’ll get into the internet and search on Google about Filipinas in Fort Worth and that she will find this entry of mine. Who knows, there is a miracle is going to happen, if not soon… then next month, lol!

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  1. khristine says:

    Hi I am new here in Fort Worth, we recently moved from San Diego California, and I am here starting a new life and looking to find new friends.

    My husband and I are both Filipino which made the transition in living in a foreign land a little bit easier, though I still prefer to make friends with my fellow pinay
    . Hope to meet you soon.

    By the way my name is Khristine…

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