Alive at 31

I don’t normally take solo pictures of myself, not unless I have to. I often update my Facebook wall with photos but not of my face but of my kids, food, flowers or other interesting shots of things I see beautiful. Anyway, since it’s my blog, I am entitled to love myself a little bit by posting these photos taken a day after I turned 31 for remembrance purposes.

As much as possible, I take photos of how I look each year I celebrate my birthday so to compare them from previous years. Oh man, I’m really 31 now! I remember, when I was 17… I was rushing to be 18 so that I won’t scare men of my age. I was itching to find a serious man at that age and when I told them how old I was, they seemed to back out and never chat with me again. When I was 18, I was the happiest. A couple of years later, here I am… amazed at how the years went by so quickly.

Yes, I am 31 and a secret to confess, I have not had an experience working from outside the house. I mean, I only had a brief 3 months paid occupation when I was single and that’s it. All I was focusing in my younger years was to find a man to marry.

I found the one for me and now have a close-knit family of my own. I am a full-time mom, a blogger and does a job that pays so little online. I don’t complain being at home though. Not all mothers have the privilege to stay home, take care of their kids and have no boss around. Some are forced to work just so to make ends meet, I am not. My husband provides for the family and consider myself lucky because of the stable job he has.

Thankful to the Heavens above for the life’s blessings He poured into me and to my family. For all the greatness life has to offer and for granting me my biggest dream in life.

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Birthday Card for Me from My First Born

Today is my 31st birthday. Nothing significant going on, just another year added to my life here on Earth. I am thankful to God because of it. I have been blessed with so many things and can only wish three things, that I will live longer/more years to come for me, good health, safety for me and for my family all the time and lastly, financial relief for us so then we will start saving up for a possible vacation to the Philippines next year.

Anyway, we planned of going to a Japanese buffet today but guess, it’s going to be postponed tomorrow due to some reasons. I woke up feeling alright this morning and that is all what’s important to me. Received a happy birthday greeting from my husband in bed, minutes later, my first born woke up and handed me her handmade heartfelt card for my birthday. She told me last night that she has a surprise for me and that she made me a birthday card, when she handed that to me, the feeling was just overwhelming with joy.

It feels I am appreciated and thought of by her because of the card. She had given me several cards on ordinary days but the idea she made me one on my birthday is amazing. How thoughtful can she be? I am lucky! I want to keep the card forever because I know this is just the beginning…. the first gift she could give me.

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My Sentiments for the USCIS

So I have a little sister in the Philippines that I petitioned so that she can join me here in the USA. I submitted my application to petition a relative September of 2011. Since then, I only received one notification from the USCIS telling me that they did in fact receive my application but not stating as to when or how long the process is going to be. I check my status every now and then online, it is still under “initial review”.

It has been almost four years since the application yet I feel like it has taken them forever to do my case. There is not even a progress of the status, etc. I so missed my sister and it would be very great to have at least one family member living with me here in this cold lonely world. But heck, I am almost losing my hope now because of the slow process.

With that being said, I can’t help but express my sentiments for the USCIS because, it will take them forever to review immigrants’ application who are sincerely and following the rules of entering into the country. They make it difficult for us to come to this country, everyone should spend a lot of money, undergo long process and with proper documentation. Very much the opposite of what is going on in the border right now.

How could they be so unfair with the people? They are turning America an open country for people from Mexico and Central America. Photo I captured on the screen of our t.v about the news of illegals crossing the border. 2 women and 14 children walked into the border, entered US with no documentation and not speaking English, processed them and take them in the different parts of the country where their ILLEGAL RELATIVES are. These are just few of the millions who came and are going to come to this country escaping violence from where the hell they are from. I don’t understand why they have to take them in wholeheartedly. JUST PISSES ME SO MUCH knowing this.

It is a $3M fix and I wish the government should do something about it and that they would take it seriously because it is going to be a taxpayers’ money that is going to be used to feed, give shelter, clothing, medical aid to these ILLEGALS. They will be the ones to benefit the free government handouts without sweating. It is just so DISAPPOINTING of the current happenings!

Somebody must step up and do something about the big problem these aliens are giving the country.

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The Dreaded Season is Here

Today is a pretty day, it is cloudy outside and it rained early in the morning. I went outside to check the mail and I can feel the drastic drop in temperature. It feels like early Spring, so nice in my skin and the surroundings are looking green, fresh and wet. I must take advantage the kind of day it is today because it won’t linger for long.

The dreaded season is here and I hate to say this, I DON’T LIKE SUMMER! It is the last day of school today but I chose of not sending my kindergartener, this also means, it is the start of not going out of the house often. There is nowhere else to go except stores and the mall. I don’t have a lot of money to spend so going to the mall is such a waste of gas and time.

It would have been nice if I had a Filipina friend closeby that is not working so that we can hang out once in a while during summer days. That Filipina I met three weeks ago never pick up her phone to call me, arggs! In fact, I went back to the laundry area where I met her the first time but she wasn’t there. I do believe though that Fort Worth isn’t so big and that we will bump into each other again in the future. I am hoping for that and crossing my fingers. Beside, we don’t live far from each other so we practically go to the same places like I do.

New School for Massage

Just last night I was thinking about going to school to learn how to massage. I am thinking about it not because I am going to make it as a living but for giving my better half a good massage he deserves. I learned, there is a new school for massage which I am so interested to find out and maybe enroll myself. I do believe, having that skill how to give a massage properly is an awesome thing to learn and maybe, just maybe make money from that skill in the long run.

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