I Re-acquired My Filipino Citizenship

When I became a US Citizen four years ago, I lost my Filipino citizenship. And for that I had to apply for the retention/re-acquisition of my Filipino citizenship. Guess, it was the last governmental papers I had to do and hopefully there’ll be no more in the future although applying for a Philippine passport is on my mind right now but that is not necessary.

Anyway, I re–acquired my Filipino citizenship last September 28, 2014. It was a success and my second child benefited from it. She is now also has a Dual citizenship which entitles her to bear both PI and American passport. As for the first born, I am not sure about her status although I filed for report of her birth. I may have to apply for dual citizenship someday to ensure that she’ll be treated as a Filipino citizen in the Philippines and not looked at as a tourist.

Thankful to God for all the life’s blessings and opportunities He has given me being in this great and wonderful nation, the U.S. OF A! Oh not forgetting to mention, I don’t know if it’s coincidence or whatever you call it. The day I became a dual citizen, that was also the last day I spoke with my father on the telephone three years ago. September 28, 2011 we spoke happily and two weeks after that, he died!

 photo dualmuzy_zps5f3a1028.jpg