It is the Season of Giving

Christmas is the time of sharing and giving. Though we may not have enough money this Christmastime yet we manage to put food on the table, buy presents for ourselves and most of all keeping up with our bills. I can still say we have been blessed though we may not realized it. God used his instruments to bless us with the things we need.

With that being said, I want to be a small blessing to two people. As my way of appreciation of my daughters first grade teacher, I gave her a set of Victoria’s Secret hand cream. She was so thankful and the look on her face when she thanked me was awesome.

Second person I handed a gift to is the older lady crossing guard at my daughter’s school. We learned that she lost her son to cancer last year. Who would have thought she’d experienced such a terrible loss because everyday we passed by her, she manage to flash her smile to parents and always ready to wave hello to all of us. With that alone gives me inspiration. That no matter how hard life is, we still need to smile to be sane. So I gave her a box full of personal care, photo shown below. Those aren’t much but I hope those help her a bit this Christmas.

Today, I want to pause for a moment and give thanks to the Lord above for giving us good health always and safety everyday of our lives. We have a choking legal fees of $22K but we are thankful because we are fine marriage-wise and we’re all healthy.

 photo give_zps40bfb0bb.jpg