Modern Family We Are

Here’s a typical scene of our weekend. Nothing special, just simple living everyday. Upon waking up in the morning on weekends, this is what we usually do. Everybody gets on the internet and each just do their thing. If the girls aren’t on the computer, they’d sit in front of the t.v or play with toys. Both parents are on their respective computer as well.

In our household, it is quiet, sometimes chaotic, less drama and minimal fighting between the two girls. Other than that, we are normally sane people living in this humble abode of ours! A family that is like any other family but rest assured, we have something that others don’t. I so love my family that I built for ten years now. Thank God for my beautiful girls and a husband who works hard to bring food on the table and provide us a cozy shelter during cold winter months.

Just a simple life like this is very well appreciated by me! So thankful that I have them in my life.

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Weekend Meetup with New and Old Friends

I had so much fun hanging out with a new and my old time friends. Two of the girls were Sheryl and Rosalie are my friends more than 7 years here in Fort Worth, there are actually three of us, Annie and family weren’t able to come for she had to work. We used to hangout often back in our early years but then it had changed since Rosalie moved to Utah. We can only hang out when they fly over here. When they do, we make sure we sit down together to have dinner and chit chat just like the old times.

Their visit to Texas was a perfect timing to celebrate my firstborn’s 7th birthday. I invited them over to Chuck E. Cheese’s so the kids can do the rides and games in there. That weekend hangout went perfect as planned except that we didn’t get to dine in at Japanese Hibachi restaurant for they opened a little later than we anticipated.

The weather was gorgeous and the company was nice. All in all, it was just a total blast for all of us especially our children. Here a few snaps of our beautiful and healthy faces, haha! That meet up was what I needed, I so missed real face to face interaction with good friends, friends I am comfortable with and friends that I can be myself around them.

Left to Right: Piping and her two children, Rose and Allison, Myself and my firstborn, Sheryl and my husband and my second born on a beautiful day.
 photo Jadyns7thbday095_zpsf07595a7.jpg
the three beautiful mommies and our FIL-AM beauties

 photo Jadyns7thbday119_zpsdedb5c77.jpg

… the originals!
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Something to Look Forward to this Weekend

I love it when we haveĀ a schedule or activities to do in the weekend to come. It bores me to death that the only thing I could think of when the weekend is here is to clean the house. Not that I am complaining but I also need a little bit of a change of my routine, you know? It gets tiring too doing the same chores over and over again.

We will have 4 days off starting tomorrow. It’s teacher’s Prep day tomorrow, it’s my firstborn’s birthday and yes, it’s a good timing so we can sleep in! Saturday, we plan of bringing the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s as promised and meet up with two other friends there, head to a Japanese restaurant afterwards so we can all sit down together and chat.

Sunday, we will be attending a birthday party in one of the Filipino neighbors whose child is celebrating his 7th birthday. This is important that we can go because the child is my firstborn’s classmate in Pre-K and she considers him as a “special friend”. Both of our girls are excited for the upcoming fun they are going to do this weekend, so do I because I get to go out the house for a while and not to mention, we will have a long weekend.

Leonard Method

People have different levels of intelligence as well as different hobbies. We also have different tactics in learning things, things like learning how to play musical instruments. While others prefer the Leonard method, that might not work for some, so we really have to find a way that best suited for our capabilities and learn to make it easy for ourselves. By the way, if you are in search of guitars, drum sets or any musical instruments and accessories, please visit on the link above and see if you can find what you’re looking for on their site.

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