9 Years on the American Soil

Today marks the 9th year since I set foot on the American soil. I feel like I have accomplished a lot albeit I don’t have a career. I feel blessed more than ever that I am living in this great nation. This is my dream country to live in, build my family, be a wife, be a mother.

Yes, I have been living here that long now yet I have not tried getting or experiencing on how it is to go to work everyday. It is because, my main purpose of getting here is not to “work”. I am here to realize my dream of becoming a housewife and a mother to my children. Getting a job can wait. My family is my priority and the only reason why I am here.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. I can become whoever and whatever I want to become because, in America, anything is possible.

Well, I am not really jobless for I do have freelance works at home. I earn a little bit of money while sitting on my computer so for me, I am not that totally penniless, haha! My children won’t always be small, they will grow up and when the right time comes, I would surely be exploring the world and join the working force of America.

Anyways, I am just proud of myself I made it this far. Nine years of battling my greatest enemy, homesickness, that is! When I am attacked with homesickness, I would question myself “why am I here?” and then when I look at the two beautiful faces of my children, that somehow eases the feeling of loneliness I feel. Cheers to myself and looking forward to celebrating many more years in America!!


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