Easter Dinner with the Neighbors

These are the pics during our Easter Sunday dinner with the neighbors from across the street. Thanks to them for we had somebody to eat dinner with during that special occasion when Christ has risen! We have no family in this country so, having them as our close neighbors serve as the closest friend we have.

The woman who lives across our house is 101 years old and it is such an honor to know her, she is such a beautiful person in spite of her age. Her daughter lives in Missouri but visits her three times a year. It was nice to at least sat on the table with them and talk a little bit.

I am glad they are there because our Easter would have been just as usual like ordinary days… Thanks to nice friends, they are a blessing!

 photo Easter20dinner20063_zpspfrb2g8j.jpg

I’m Going Home, Yeah!

Summer is fast approaching. Before we know it, it will be here. Well, here in Texas it kinda arrived for me. It’s the second day of April yet the temperature is already reaching up to 87 today. Anyway, I need not worry about me being attacked by homesickness this year because I AM GOING HOME to a country where I grew up, the Philippines!

I know it’s just four months away but it is good to have something to look forward to. I already have plans what to do and people to meet who I have not met in person, and some that I already met once before. I go home every two years, that is enough time for me to save up some money for my allowance while being there for a month.

Hopefully, there’ll be no major unexpected expenses that is out of my control so I can enjoy my vacation without worrying too much running out of budget. I hate it! I go there because I want to enjoy, have fun, pamper myself as much as I can because I cannot do that here. Everything here is expensive. I can only feel like I am pampered when I am in my country!

Keyboard Bag

That one thing that is a must for every precious musical instrument you have to protect it is the second best thing you carry around, inside it is your piece of musical instrument. I am talking about a kb 6. The Kaces Xpress Series keyboard bag features a water-resistant, luggage-grade, polyester exterior, quilted grip handle, detachable shoulder strap, and dense, protective foam padding. This bag has two expandable pockets that hold all your necessary accessories or anything you can possibly think of bringing with you.

Renewed My Driver’s License

For the first time in history, I renewed my driver’s license today. It will not expire until my birthday in June but better do it now than wait later when it gets very hot to run errands outside. Anyway, I am somewhat proud of myself for I did this thing without the help of my husband.

Before, when I had to go somewhere especially it has to do something with the government, I would always had my husband with me. But today, with full of confidence, I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles and took care of what is needed to do, of course, with me was my cute little girl Morgana.

The ID will be here within two weeks. I felt I had accomplished something worthwhile today despite of the fact that we were out of the house since 9:30 in the morning, came back at 3:10. I am so proud of my little girl, although it has been proven that she really is a good girl (well, both of the girls are good actually), she was with me the whole time and only whine at me about going home when she got really tired following me around at the last store we went to.

It was a pretty good for me and her, shall I say. Tomorrow I will go back to the mall and return this awful fit bra and get my money back!

Goods Home Furnishings

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